Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur mocks his about-face on police funding


Young Turks founder and failed Democratic congressional candidate Cenk Uygur has been ridiculed for criticizing ‘defunding the police’ after expressing his full support for the rallying cry following violent George Floyd protests in summer 2020.

Uygur, who founded The Young Turks network, posted a tweet on Tuesday attacking the “counterproductive” defund the police slogan, becoming the latest figure on the left to distance herself from a policy she previously applauded.

“Will the people who coined the ‘Defund the Police’ slogan admit they were wrong? It was an extremely counterproductive framing,” he wrote this week.

“You don’t speak for the left,” he added. “And neither do the people who push the counterproductive ‘Abolish Prisons’. Polls show that almost no one on the left agrees with you.

However, it was Uygur himself who spoke out in favor of defunding the police in 2020 when the issue gained traction following the George Floyd riots.

“I’m done. I now support #DefundThePolice 100%,” the left-leaning YouTube commenter wrote. ”

“No reform or transformation can solve this problem,” he added. “We have to start over and completely rebuild policing in this country.”

As a result, many took to Twitter to recall his previous post expressing support for defunding the police – both the policy and its “framing”.

Podcaster Mikhaila Peterson posted a screenshot of the 2020 tweet.

“Reality Assaulted Looks Like,” wrote freelance writer Rav Arora.

“Do you really not know you are a hypocrite or are you just not clear on the definition of the word itself?” asked former NHL player Dustin Penner.

“What happened, were you mugged?” Defund the police is a normal outcome of the grotesque white privilege rap you’ve been drooling over for years,” former congressional candidate Nicholas Tutora wrote.

“Now the hatred you utter has turned into violence towards everyone and you are protesting. Ignorant,” he added.

“Looks like two years ago you had [a] very different perspective. wrote a Twitter user.

“Stop backtracking. Admit that you burned the country down in an election year to make a point, and accept the fact that we don’t need to engage with destructive and violent people like you in future discussions,” wrote another one.

“A little bit telling yourself to admit that your guiding principle is what sounds good and not what is morally correct”, another user wrote.

“Hypocrite, your name is Cenk,” wrote another Twitter user.

“Did you think we’d forget that your friends came up with that slogan?” another one wrote.

During the anti-police riots of 2020 — the the most expensive in the history of the United States – many leaders in the blue cities ceded to BLM’s call to “defund the police”, which became popular with Democrats during and after the 2020 presidential election season.

However, crime has leaps across the country after progressives campaigned endlessly against the police, leading to an erosion of trust in law enforcement, a drop in police morale and an exodus of officers.

Following the defunding of the police in many Democratic cities, murder rates Pink 16% in 2021 in major US cities, a trend that has bled in 2022.

Major cities also continue to see an upward trend in violent crime in places such as Los Angeles and New York City — both of whom have cut funding to their departments and used soft-crime “bail reform,” which gets career criminals back on the streets.

However, with a continuing crime wave in major US cities, survey after survey after survey showed that a majority of voters Support defund the police, with many expressing their belief that the policy has harmed public safety and contributed to the rise in crime.

In response, Democrats began to distance themselves from the policies they advocated, at one point even trying to blame Republicans for defunding the police.

More recently, both President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) denounced the idea, with Pelosi proclaiming that defunding the police is not Democratic Party policy.

In May, the radical militant group Black Lives Matter (BLM) mocked against the “white supremacist” institution of “police”, decrying its roots in “racism” and “slave patrols”, while attacking politicians who support “our killers”, in a series of tweets after the signing by President Joe Biden of an executive order on police reforms.

People walk on 16th Street after ‘Defund The Police’ was painted on the street near the White House on June 08, 2020 in Washington, DC. (Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

In January, Glenn Loury, professor of economics at Brown University lamented the current state of crime nationwide, accusing BLM activists of having ‘buckets of blood on their hands’ for their role in soaring crime and homicide rates

In December it was revealed that BLM activists lectured to over 150 people, telling students that “crime is made up” and black people are “enslaved” when sent to prison.

Last May, Breitbart News reported that since George Floyd’s death, Hollywood has devoted significant airtime to promoting far-left racial ideologies, with a report finding 127 TV episodes pushing BLM, the ‘defund the police’ movement and the belief that America is “systematically racist. ”

However, this month, the New York Times published an op-ed mourning the apparent “death” of the issue, lamenting that it had not “widespread enough” and warning that Americans will still “regret” having dismissed it.

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