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Worcester State University issues alert as students urged to take shelter

Students at Worcester State University in Massachusetts were told to shelter in place and stay away from windows due to unconfirmed reports of a shooting outside of ‘an accommodation building.

In an alert sent to students at 2:49 a.m. Saturday, the university said: “Shelter in place is in effect / All buildings. Go immediately to a secure location inside the building. Please do not go out and stay away. windows or openings to the outside. Wait for further instructions. More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Photo showing police tape in Washington DC taken in February 2022. Students at Worcester State University were asked to shelter in place following unconfirmed reports of a shooting.

On X, formerly Twitter, Worcester State published: “Shelter in place is in effect for all buildings. Wait for further instructions.”

An employee of the Worcester State University Police Department said News week that a shelter was in place, but declined to give further details.

Posted on X, Dylan Azari, a photographer who works for a number of local publications, published: “BREAKING: Shooting reported outside Wasylean Hall at Worcester State University. The suspect remains at large at this time. The number of victims and their conditions are also currently unknown.”

Azari accompanied this with a 15-second video clip showing at least six police cars outside the student housing area.

This is a current story, and more details will be added over time.