Woman backed for telling friend her baby’s father will never love her


A woman has been praised for telling her pregnant friend that the child’s father would never love her after a one-night stand.

The original poster (OP), known as u/brummumdrama, posted about the situation to Reddit’s popular “Am I The A**hole” forum where it received nearly 9,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments. The position can be found here.

One night stands and pregnancy

An estimated 60% of Americans admit to having had at least one one-night stand or casual sex with a stranger or acquaintance.

Although common, health experts warn that these connections, especially unprotected ones, can lead to unplanned pregnancy or various STDs. But even when using contraceptives or condoms, medical professionals recommend individuals get tested for STDs at least once a year.

Here, an archive image of a woman sitting on a bed. Commenters backed the woman for giving her friend a pregnancy ‘reality check’.


In the post titled “AITA for telling my friend that she will never be part of my in-laws?” the 29-year-old says she met her friend Laura, 29, at college.

While Laura viewed the PO as a best friend, the PO said she only saw her as a close friend who “held on pretty tightly.”

After graduating and moving to different cities, the PO said she and Laura stopped seeing each other until recently.

“I got married 6 weeks ago and invited Laura over,” the post read. “Laura ended up having sex with my husband’s brother, ‘Liam’ (24 months). I admit I raised my eyebrows, but we are all adults and I thought that was it. Nope.”

Recently, the PO said she received a call from Laura saying she was pregnant and needed Liam’s phone number to tell him as she knew he was the father.

“I offered to be there for her in any way I could, but I really didn’t think she would keep the baby,” the post read. “Less than an hour later my husband called me (he was at work and I hadn’t told him the news yet) saying that Liam had called him distraught, stressed and scared.”

Liam said Laura wanted to keep the baby and was willing to move out so he could be “closer to their child”.

“Family Helps Family”

The PO said she was getting calls from Laura saying how happy she was that she was an aunt and that she was thrilled that Liam was getting to know her better. She also asked the OP to help her research potential apartments nearby.

“I couldn’t listen to his excitement watching Liam’s desperation grow and eventually I stopped answering the phone,” the post read. “Well, two nights ago she came to my house unannounced with a travel bag in her hand.”

When the OP asked Laura what she was doing at home, Laura replied that they were “family now” and “family helps family”.

“This is where I may be the a**hole,” the post read. “I broke down and told him we weren’t family and never would be family.”

The PO said she also told Laura that trying to force her way into the family “through an unplanned one-night baby” was not the same as marriage.

“I told her to push out of her head any fantasy she had imagined of Liam falling in love with her and accept that he doesn’t want this baby because it will ruin his life,” the post read. . “She didn’t say a word to me, she just turned and walked away from my front door.”

The OP said Laura didn’t answer phone calls and was told by a mutual friend that Laura was going to “book an abortion” so she wouldn’t be “related to such toxic people”.

After Laura informed Liam, the OP’s in-laws grew angry that she convinced Laura to “kill their first grandchild”. The OP’s sister-in-law also said she was “just jealous” that she was not having the first baby in the family.

“So Reddit, AITA for getting involved in the situation?”

Editors’ reactions

Nearly 2,000 users commented on the post, with many backing the OP for giving Laura a “reality check” while others thought she was being too harsh.

“I’m split but I would go with NTA. I don’t think she’s mentally well,” one user commented.

“I personally think that having a baby [conceived] by a stranger – especially one who doesn’t want the child – is very unlikely to turn out well,” another user commented. “Laura needed a reality check, but maybe would have -it was better for you to encourage Liam to stand up for himself and be firm with her rather than feeling sorry for himself.”

“The fact that after she was apparently head over heels about this baby and immediately jumped on the abortion tells me there was never a baby to begin with,” commented an user. “And she has a weird obsession with OP and uses this made-up situation to intrude on her life.”

“NTA. Laura seems out of balance and seems to be living in a fantasy,” another commented. “It’s very unlikely that the pill AND a condom failed. BIL should insist on proof of pregnancy and a paternity test. But honestly, it sounds like Laura is in a mental health crisis and needs help. “

While the OP was officially declared “NTA”, some users believed she was in the situation, with some offering Laura support.

“Sorry to go against the grain but YTA,” one user commented. “I know you said Liam had no intention of running away from responsibility, but it seems he was a bit into the way he treated Laura. Besides, it’s a waste of time for you to stop. to take his calls because of Liam.”

“ESH. Liam is a big boy,” another commented. “He screwed up and while his anxiety is understandable, it’s his problem to deal with. You don’t need to defend him.”

Newsweek contacted u/brummumdrama for comment.

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