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Why Swifties sniffed and descended on London’s Black Dog pub

London — “And so I watch you walk into a bar called The Black Dog and poke new holes in my heart.”

Like Taylor Swift “The Department of Tortured Poets” the album continues to break records, this ambiguous reference in the song “The Black Dog” elevated a small London pub of the same name to new heights.

The 34-year-old superstar’s brooding lyrics allude to watching an ex-partner who had forgotten to turn off the location settings on his phone heading to the bar.

As soon as the album – which broke Spotify’s streaming record on Thursday with more than a billion streams – was released last week, devoted fans of the American singer figured out where the modest British watering hole was, and they descended on it.

Taylor Swift fans enjoy a pint at The Black Dog pub, in London, England on April 24, 2024.

CBS News/Duarte Dias

It didn’t take long for self-proclaimed Swifties to establish that her British ex-boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, lives near Vauxhall, not far from the local pub.

“We’ve had to turn away customers every day since the album came out. It’s been a fantastic experience for the pub and our team,” Amy Crowley, marketing manager for The Black Dog, told CBS News. Wednesday.

The pub took full advantage of its newfound fame by adding Taylor Swift-themed drinks and food to its menu. The company has even started selling merchandise, Crowley said.

CBS News caught up with some of Swift’s superfans who made the pilgrimage to the Black Dog, and who were very happy to enjoy an “Aperol Spritz (Taylor’s Version)” cocktail.

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Gracie and Ethan, siblings from Texas who were on their first and only day of vacation in the UK, said they simply had to visit the site, given its connection to their cultural hero.

“We went to the Crown Jewels, (we have) Les Mis tonight, then The Black Dog – which are all on the same level of importance,” they said with a laugh.

London-born artist and fellow Swiftie Chris Lloyd was positioned outside the pub, sketching its exterior when we arrived.

London-born artist Chris Lloyd, who describes himself as a Swiftie, shows off his new drawing of The Black Dog pub in the British capital as he talks to CBS News outside the establishment, April 24, 2024.

CBS News/Duarte Dias

“I think it’s so cool that she incorporated a little bit of London into her pieces and into her story,” he said. “So it’s cool because you can see the London Swifties around here, feeling a little closer to her, a little more connected.”

New York-born sisters Jaquelyn and Daniella were even scarred for life for expressing their passion for Swift while on vacation in London.

“We actually have matching Taylor-inspired tattoos here – I Love You to the Moon and Saturn, which are from the song ‘Seven,'” Daniella explained. “So my sister got the Moon and I got Saturn, for Taylor.”

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