What to remember from Macron’s press conference after the G7 summit

French President Emmanuel Macron insisted on Tuesday that Russia “must not win” the war in Ukraine but refused to call Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” after the Russian strike on a shopping center. “Russia cannot and must not win and therefore our support for Ukraine and our sanctions against Russia will continue as long as necessary and with the necessary intensity over the coming weeks and months,” he said. declared during a press conference at the end of the summit of the leaders of the G7, in Germany, devoted to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian army “attacks civilians”, accuses Macron

The Russian missile strike which killed at least 18 people on Monday in a shopping center in Kremenchuk “is proof once again that the Russian army has decided to use amazement as an element of the conflict and is attacking civilians “, he added. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded that Russia be recognized as a “state sponsor of terrorism” the day after the strike.

“Only crazy terrorists, who should have no place on Earth, can send missiles to civilian targets,” Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on Telegram. “Russia must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. The world can and therefore must stop Russian terror”, concluded the Ukrainian president.

Why Macron doesn’t call Russia a state funding terrorism

The French president said he did not take up this “qualification” of State financing terrorism, and referred to the judgment of war crimes by international justice. “The qualification (of the facts) belongs to the judge. We condemn these war crimes (…)”, he said, recalling that France had sent investigators to Ukraine to help uncover the crimes committed. by the Russian army. “We don’t need any qualification whatsoever,” he said. “We will continue to work so that those who must be condemned by international justice and Ukrainian justice are condemned”.

Emmanuel Macron also stressed that no one was expecting the end of the war “in the weeks or months to come” and expressed the wish, like his Ukrainian counterpart, that it would end at the end of the year, before the end of the year. the brunt of the winter which could freeze positions. “I very much hope that the outcome can be obtained at the end of the year,” he noted.

The need to cushion the shock of the economic crisis

He also insisted on the impact of the war on Western economies and the need to cushion the shock. We must “avoid a global crisis linked to the war”, he said, by noting “inflation and the slowdown of many of our economies”. “This need to take into account and respond to the direct and indirect consequences of war is essential, first of all to help our populations to live for a time that will last and to prevent the world from fracturing,” he said. -He insists.

“We have all measured how much Russia in its attempts to destabilize the world order used the consequences of the conflict to make certain States doubt,” he underlined.

Electricity pricing contributes to inflation, Macron says

During this press conference, President Emmanuel Macron also denounced the “absurd” fixing of electricity prices, which he said strongly contributed to the wave of inflation and generated “unreasonable excess profits” for operators. The rise in prices throughout Europe “is a tax from outside that comes through gas and electricity” since the start of the war in Ukraine, and “the taxpayer’s money is not intended to compensate this tax from outside, otherwise it is an endless system that will impoverish us”, launched the head of state.

In addition to the shields put in place since the fall of 2021 on energy prices, at great expense for the state budget, he called for “changing the operating rules of the electricity market”, of which prices are historically indexed in Europe to those of gas.

“Totally unreasonable superprofits”

Because of this system, “you have skyrocketing electricity prices that no longer have anything to do with electricity production costs, it follows gas, it’s absurd; which means that you have players, for example in renewables, who make totally unreasonable excess profits during the period”.

“Honestly it’s the Shadoks, what we are going through,” he insisted: “We are spending taxpayers’ money to try to help the same taxpayer as a consumer to face the increase in prices, which comes from outside, on oil and gas that we do not produce, and which is linked to the war”. The Shadoks were the characters of an animated series with a deliberately absurd humor, broadcast in France from the end of the 1960s.

Faced with this situation, “objectively the best response is to lower its purchase prices”, advocated Emmanuel Macron, expressing his support for the efforts undertaken by the European Commission at the beginning of June, and for the will announced by the G7 countries to cap the price of oil.

The call for NATO unity

Finally, Emmanuel Macron called on NATO to deliver a “message of unity and strength” during its summit on Wednesday and Thursday in Madrid, which must in particular decide on the accession of Sweden and Finland to the Alliance.

“The message that must come out of Madrid is a message of unity and strength for the countries that are members of it as well as for those who aspire to join it and whose approach we support,” he said. during a press conference at the end of the G7 summit in Bavaria. “We must be united in Madrid, united in support for Ukraine, united in our firmness, united in the defense and security of the eastern flank of our Alliance,” insisted the French president.

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