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Watch How ‘Golden Retriever Husband’ Reacts When He Can’t Be reunited with his family

When Bayan Jablonski purchased a pet camera to monitor her dog Rudy, there was an added bonus she hadn’t previously considered: monitoring her “golden retriever husband.”

Bayan, of Chicago, was walking her mini shepherd when her husband, Dominik Jablonski, returned to find the house empty. He immediately ran around the house looking for his wife and dog, but when he realized they weren’t home, his reaction was exactly what you’d expect. a certain four-legged friend.

Although she was only gone for about 20 minutes, Bayan said News week that her husband was “very confused that no one was home” and was patiently awaiting their return. Bayan shared the adorable camera footage of her pet on her TikTok account (@bayjabs) in December, joking that Dominik is “the biggest baby” when she’s not around.

Social media users couldn’t get enough of seeing her “golden retriever husband” so sad, and the clip has already been viewed over 4.6 million times and received over 576,700 likes on TikTok.

Bayan said News week: “When I came back, Dominik explained the situation to me and I watched, realizing that the camera must have caught his reaction, and I knew I had to check it. It was hilarious to look back on because it That’s his personality in a nutshell. He’s the sweetest man ever and he loves being at home with Rudy and me.”

Golden Retriever husband's reaction
Screenshots of the moment Dominik Jablonski realizes his wife and dog aren’t home. The TikTok video went viral as many social media users praised his golden retriever energy.
@bayjabs / TikTok

As more pet owners choose to monitor their four-legged companions while they’re away, the market for pet cameras has grown significantly in recent years. Since 2019, spending on these devices has increased from $28 million to $73.2 million in 2023. It is expected to continue growing to reach more than $116 million in 2025.

Having a pet camera can give owners peace of mind when they’re out for the day or at work because they can check on their four-legged friends whenever they need to. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), having a camera can also benefit the pet because owners can see when they are upset or causing mischief, and they can talk to them through the device and soothe them, or prevent them. to have too much trouble.

Since posting Dominik’s video, Bayan has loved seeing the positive responses online, even though some people wanted to know why they had a camera monitoring everything they did. She explained that it was only so they could keep an eye on Rudy, who she joked is “like a criminal living in (their) house.”

Bayan continued, “People loved seeing my husband’s reaction and were able to see how much he truly loves our family. A lot of people made me laugh when they said it might pass as internal dialogue for a real golden retriever, which I did. I’ve said this before. My husband has the biggest golden retriever personality.

“Some people wondered why we had a camera watching us, but people with super active puppies who like to bite everything figured it out. We originally got it so we could see what Rudy is doing while we’re not at home, plus the fact that all our furniture is white, so we have to keep an eye on him.”

With over 1,200 comments on the viral video so far, many social media users were obsessed with Dominik’s golden retriever energy and wanted to see more. One comment read: “I want to see his reaction when you get home.”

Another person joked: “Guys, I think there’s a real golden retriever stuck in a man’s body.”

While one TikToker wrote: “Are you sure you took the right retriever for a walk?”

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