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US Abortion Debate Promises a Loud and Divisive Road |  American News

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Expect to hear a lot about abortion in America over the next few months.

He will be passionate and sincere but angry and polarized.

Abortion is such a divisive issue, and in America in particular, it touches on so many facets of society: politics, equality rights, race and religion.

Today, in the shadow of the Washington Monument, not far from the White House, it was the turn of “pro-choice” activists to make themselves heard.

In a celebration of the right to choose, and under the banner “Let’s banish our bodies”, thousands of people came together in a national effort to preserve access to abortion.

Speakers addressed the crowd with an urgency that reflected the Supreme Court shock leak this month.

The leak revealed that a majority of the court’s nine justices are willing to overturn American women’s constitutional right to choose an abortion.

In an instant, the leak electrified the pro and anti-abortion movements.

Olivia (right) says a ‘group of old men’ shouldn’t be able to decide people’s fates

“We need to get out here and fight for our rights! It’s completely unfair to let a group of old people and people completely disconnected from the rest of America choose our fate,” walker Olivia told me.

“We are the land of the free. You shouldn’t cross state lines trying to get something that’s so integral and that so many people have understood and yet we’re ‘free’ but we don’t. didn’t get it,” said Christa Vonderberg.

We don’t know exactly when the judges’ decision will come; only that it will be in July.

US Abortion Debate Promises a Loud and Divisive Road |  American News

 |  Today Headlines
The protest took place not far from the White House

The six men and three women on the conservative-leaning tribunal will rule on an issue that is not only deeply personal to so many people, but touches so many aspects of life here.

It has become a question of politics, of religion, of race, of equality. More importantly, many here argue that it is simply a matter of health, a basic right of choice.

The near total ban on abortion in many states across America would, they say, create a deep health care crisis as women go into hiding or are forced to have children they cannot care for. .

Even the terminology is controversial. One camp presents itself as “pro-life”. The other identifies as “pro-choice”.

US Abortion Debate Promises a Loud and Divisive Road |  American News

 |  Today Headlines
A decision by Supreme Court justices is expected by July

Yet those who are pro-choice do not like the idea that the pro-life label implies that they are anti-life.

Pro-choicers point out that pro-lifers are for the life of an unborn fetus and seem to care little for the lives of young, often very poor, women who would be forced into childbirth.

Pro-lifers are deeply angered by the other side’s assertion that they are pro-choice since they give the aborted baby no choice.

It’s a question that goes to the heart of what America means, what it stands for.

The one-sided energy and dynamism of today’s debate suggests a noisy and divisive road ahead.

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