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“Unreal!” He bets 10 euros and wins 800,000 in less than three minutes

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A young man saw his life transformed “on April 15, at 3:41 p.m.,” he remembers precisely. With his new fortune, he now intends to capitalize and… avoid the taxman.

We know that he is a young man, resident of Oraison in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. On the Internet, when he plays, he calls himself “Jules Marie”, thus plagiarizing the surname of a French tennis player, used to social networks. But his thing is poker. And on April 15, “at 3:41 p.m., it seems unreal” he remembers very precisely (and for good reason), his life changed.

This amateur and occasional player has just won the sum of 800,000 euros. And this, after having invested 10, the amount of the stake of his part.

Suddenly, a jackpot falls on his table. “From the start, we knew that the table was worth 1 million euros,” he explains to BFMTV. Each player then knows what is being played behind the cards. “The goal was to manage stress better than the other players, and to be lucky. The torture lasted three minutes, the most stressful of my life” he rewinds to our colleagues.

He continues: “At the end of the game, there’s an explosion of joy. Despite everything, I don’t believe it because it’s not logical or coherent to win 800,000 euros in three minutes.”

Among the first people to be notified, his relatives, his partner but also… his banker! Because very quickly, the sum ended up in the account of “Jules Marie”. He is now determined not to play poker anymore! The reason ? “I don’t want the tax authorities to think that I’m a professional player (the winnings of a professional player are taxed at 50%). I don’t want to be taken out of 400,000 euros by taxes, it’s not worth it !”

The young man assures that he will invest this money, and “treat himself once in a while”.


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