Ukraine “pays the price” for not enshrining the right to bear arms

Mark W. Smith, constitutional lawyer, author of Unarmed: What the Ukraine War Teaches Americans About the Right to Bear Armsand host of The Dinner of the Four Boxes YouTube channel, told Breitbart News that the war in Ukraine illustrates the hypocrisy of the Left on the Second Amendment and that the country is “paying the price” for its decision not to enshrine the right to bear arms in its constitution .

Smith pointed to the hypocrisy of President Joe Biden and the American left for arming Ukraine while trying to disarm American citizens.


“Alex, think about that. We have Joe Biden in the White House saying the Second Amendment is a relic, that Americans don’t need guns, right? Smith told Breitbart Daily News host Alex Marlow.

“And yet, at exactly the same time, here we have Joe Biden in the administration handing out fully automatic machine guns to Ukrainian citizens to fight off these foreign invaders.[s] Russia, right? said Smith. “And that, to me, just subdues the left to show that, indeed, guns save lives against all forms of tyranny.”

Smith, a constitutional lawyer, told Marlow that Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, a Madison appointee who wrote “the first definitive account of what the Constitution meant as a commentator,” pointed out the importance of the Second Amendment.

“He specifically said that the right of citizens to bear arms is the Palladium of the Republic,” Smith said. “It’s the essence of the Republic, because you can’t have citizens if you don’t have, among other things, the right to bear arms. You must have their private property, you must have the right to vote. And you must have the right to defend yourself with the right to arms.

Speaking on the war in Ukraine, Smith told Marlow that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is arming citizens who become “a de facto militia” to help fight alongside the Ukrainian military.

“And we know for a fact that I report this in the book Disarmed, that there are countless examples of Ukrainian citizens training with weapons, learning to use weapons and helping to fight alongside the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” Smith said. “In other words, you basically have armed citizens in Ukraine now becoming a de facto militia fighting alongside the official Ukrainian government army.”

He then explained how former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had helped disarm Ukraine.

“Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton had a great influence on the disarmament of Ukraine, because after the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukraine had huge quantities of small arms, rifles, AKs -47 and ammunition that went with it. They even have new stockpiles of nuclear weapons. And yet it was the left-wing American politicians, that Obama disarmament group, who at the time was a senator, by the way, and Bill Clinton encouraged us to do what they basically did, and I quoted extensively in this book, they said, “for the safety of the Ukrainian people, we must disarm them,” Smith explained.

He also mentioned that Ukraine is “paying the price” for its decision not to enshrine the right to bear arms in its constitution.

“And by the way, it’s very important. About 10 years ago Ukrainians considered passing a second amendment on the right to keep bear guns, they literally considered doing the exact same thing we did about a decade ago. And I write a lot about what they did and what they considered. And they ultimately chose not to pass the right to own and bear arms, a Ukrainian version of our second amendment, they chose not to over ten years ago, which I point out, that’s is that now, of course, they are paying the price,” Smith said.

Smith then said the anti-gun movement, which seeks a government monopoly on gun ownership, is “doing terribly” in the United States. He drew parallels between the Daniel Penny manslaughter case and the anti-gun left’s determination to erase the right to self-defense.

“Now I relate this to what happened on the subway with the US Marine just a few weeks ago, where again the reason why, a reason why he was charged, to my opinion, is to discourage Americans from exercising the right to self-defense. Because the right to keep them, their guns, is meaningless if they tell you that you may have guns, but you don’t you can’t use them to defend yourself, so what are the guns for, right? So we have to be aware of that as well. And yes, overall, the anti-UN agenda. And America is doing terribly well,” he said.

Smith pointed to the 27 states with unlicensed carry as evidence of the flagging gun control movement in the country. Instead of fighting for gun control in Republican-led states, Smith explained that the anti-gun movement “doubles and triples its efforts” in Democratic-led cities and states.

Still, Smith said one of the “highlights” of the Second Amendment was former President Donald Trump’s three Supreme Court appointees.

“Well, in the pro-Second Amendment, pro-gun rights agenda, there are a lot of positives, a lot of them. The first is the growth of unlicensed carry or constitutional carry in 27 states said Smith.

“Number two is – and this is counterintuitive, but I think the COVID experience and the 2020 riots have taught all Americans, or almost all Americans, not just Americans in the red state – that the reality is that you’re your own first responder, that the police, no matter how serious and hardworking, can’t pretty much get there most of the time before a mass shooting happens, before that a riot breaks out. And at the end of the day, you have to protect yourself and your family,” he added.

“And I think the other bright spot, of course, is the Supreme Court. People have asked me, ‘What do you think was Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment in terms of the second right to keep and to bear arms? And I say there are three names: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, these Supreme Court confirmations are the greatest legacy that President Trump left to the right to keep and bear arms and the Constitution and respect for it,” Smith said.

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