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Trump cancels North Carolina rally due to bad weather

The first week of Trump’s historic trial in New York

A look back at the first week of Trump’s historic trial in New York


Former President Donald Trump’s return to the campaign trail after the start of his campaign Hush money test in Manhattan was abruptly canceled Saturday evening after severe weather threatened Wilmington, North Carolina.

Trump was on his way to a fundraiser in Charlotte when he called to the rally — which was held outdoors at the Wilmington airport — to tell his supporters to take shelter immediately.

“We’re coming in a few minutes, but they’d really prefer if we didn’t come in because there’s some danger to this whole thing,” Trump said in a phone call broadcast over the rally’s loudspeakers. “And first and foremost we want to make sure everyone is safe, which is why they asked us to ask people to leave the site and seek shelter.”

Participants at a campaign rally with former President Donald Trump at the Aero Center Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina on April 20, 2024. The rally was canceled due to weather conditions.

Allison Joyce/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump said the campaign would quickly reschedule the rally and promised it would be “bigger and better.”

The rally was to be his first major campaign event since Trump was ordered to appear in a New York courtroom for his entire term. of his trial. Jury selection was completed Friday and opening arguments in the trial are expected to begin Monday.

Trump previously lamented that the lawsuit prevented him from participating in the campaign trail during the week.

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