Trevor Noah says pressure to mourn Queen ‘recolonizes’ people on video

Trevor Noah said people ‘oppressed by the British Crown’ were being ‘recolonized’ by the pressure of mourning Queen Elizabeth II and added: ‘You can’t expect people to show respect for something that never respected them.”

The daily show the host said some royalists got “angry” in a “really ignorant way” with people who didn’t share their respect for the late Queen.

Elizabeth died last Thursday, sparking mourning in Britain and around the world.

There were also protests in Britain – including police arrests – as a US professor sparked a backlash after saying the Queen was ‘finally dying’ and adding: ‘May her pain be atrocious”.

Noah said in a viral September 17 clip: “What fascinated me was how angry some people were that not everyone had the same opinion of the Queen and how they wanted other people to have that. In a really ignorant way to be honest, you know.”

“I am shocked that people want others who were under the British Empire to share the same level of grief,” he continued. “Why would they? People say ‘show some respect, that person is dead.’ And people are like ‘so what?’ Like everywhere, you know what I mean, everywhere in Africa, everywhere in India, there are so many places where people go, “but do you know the British Empire did this to us.

“And people say, ‘She’s somebody’s grandmother, show a little reverence’ and I found that interesting because you know what that is? It’s not about respecting the person or what they’ve done or what they have.

“In a weird way is that people have this weird reverence for fame. It’s that a famous person is gone and so everyone has to respect them, whatever the famous person’s reason is. is famous.

Queen Elizabeth II, seen opening the Elizabeth Line at Paddington Station, May 17, 2022, died September 8, 2022. Trevor Noah, seen at an Apple TV+ Primetime Emmy Party September 12, 2022 , said the pressure to mourn the Queen was “recolonising” the peoples of the former British Empire.
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“You can’t tell people who have been oppressed by the British Crown that they shouldn’t, one way or another, say what they want.”

He added: “You can’t expect people to show respect for something that has never respected them.”

Noah described how in South Africa, where he grew up, people were brought up as British subjects and spoke of how traditional culture, dress and languages ​​were “crushed” by colonialism.

“You can say ‘hey, she’s my queen, I always love what she stands for,'” he said. “She’s your queen, but don’t expect everyone to adopt now…because basically what you’re doing is recolonizing people and saying ‘this is who you’re supporting, this is who. you encourage.

“No, you mourn and they will live their lives. Long live the King.”

Among the debates surrounding the Queen’s death, Uju Anya, a linguistics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, was heavily criticized for her response on the day of Elizabeth’s death.

One tweet read: “I heard that the chief monarch of a genocidal thief and rapist empire is finally dying. May his pain be excruciating.”

She added: “If anyone expects me to express anything other than contempt for the monarch who oversaw a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half of my family and whose aftermath are still alive today, you can continue to wish for a star.”

Talk TV host Piers Morgan was among those who took issue with the comments and told his viewers: ‘I can understand why some Americans don’t understand the concept of monarchy. is what some American academics have said.

“So this is a woman named Uju Anya. She’s actually an academic at Carnegie Mellon. She teaches people about this woman.”

The video of Noah, which has been viewed more than 900,000 times on Twitter, came two days before members of the Royal Family gathered for Elizabeth’s funeral and as she lay in state in Westminster Hall, in London.

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