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Train travel in Britain less than half of pre-pandemic level | Rail transport

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The number of train trips made by commuters in Britain remains below half of pre-pandemic levels, figures show.

Industry body Rail Delivery Group (RDG) said in mid-October that the number of train trips made by those commuting to work was only 45% of what it was before the coronavirus crisis .

This is an increase from 33% at the end of August, but highlights the difficulties faced by downtown businesses in attracting customers as many people continue to work from home.

The slowest recovery in commuting has taken place in the capital, with demand in London at just 41% of pre-Covid levels compared to 54% in the rest of Britain. Meanwhile, leisure travel is at about 90% of what it was before the pandemic, accounting for 55% of all train travel, up from 33% in fall 2019.