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Tornado 2022 Review • (Formerly NVSTR) • Benzinga

Committed to helping users optimize their investment processes, Tornado makes it easy to save for retirement and other long-term goals. Combining the strength of portfolio optimization with unique social trading features and affordable account options, Tornado appeals to both experienced traders and new investors. But is it the right brokerage for your retirement needs?

An in-depth Tornado review will help you learn a bit more about the features offered by this broker compared to its competitors, some of the reasons you might want to open an account, and additional information about pricing and new benefits. for users.

Tornado is focused on providing users with a simple and transparent pricing plan. If you have a Tornado subscription, you will pay $5.99 per month and receive 30 commission-free trades per month. When you sign up for a new live trading account, you get $10 to $1000 (randomly selected). You can continue to earn rewards from this range each time you invite someone who joins and starts using Tornado, up to a maximum of $1,000.

You can also receive a funding bonus starting from $5 for a deposit of only $50 and up to $15 for $100, $75 for $1,000, $150 for $10,000, etc. Your $5.99 account fee will be charged each month until you cancel your account. You will not pay any fees to close your account or withdraw funds. Although most brokers have moved to a $0 trading schedule, these brokers may charge additional account fees or sacrifice your personal data.

Tornado accounts come with $0 minimums, which means you can open your first investment account with just a few dollars. Tornado also supports margin trading with interest rates of 6.50% APR. This interest rate applies regardless of how much of your available margin balance you use, so it provides benefits to users who only need to use a small percentage of margin.

Tornado users are generally interested in long-term stocks and ETF investments. Tornado’s platform offers a number of advantages for long-term investors, including:

  • One-click portfolio allocation: If you’ve never saved for retirement before, the task of choosing stocks and ETFs to invest your money in can seem daunting. Using independent, Nobel Prize-winning research, Tornado can help you instantly maximize your returns and view a comprehensive breakdown of today’s best possible investments based on ever-changing market factors. If the thought of investing for the future seems daunting and you want more guidance when selecting assets, Tornado might be the right platform for you.
  • Free access to independent data from Capital IQ: Capital IQ is the gold standard in financial analysis tools, used by hedge funds and finance professionals worldwide. Capital IQ provides users with access to detailed information on company structure and financial indicators with over 5,000 data feeds. Unfortunately, at an annual cost of over $10,000 per year, Capital IQ’s platform is simply out of reach for most everyday investors.

When you invest through Tornado, you get free access to Capital IQ data. Research companies and industry trends using the same information available to top Wall Street investors without paying thousands of dollars.

  • Free simulated trading accounts: Not sure if you’re ready to start investing yet? Test Tornado’s platform and explore the tools and research options currently available without risking your own money with the broker’s free simulated trading platform. With a minimum investment of $0, a simulated trading account allows you to fully explore whether or not Tornado is right for you.
  • Community Thought Leaders and Viewpoint Contributors: These seasoned professionals excel in bringing unique angles to the discussion and development of individual styles. They get prominence on the platform because of their knowledge and insightful investment history.

Tornado offers a wide range of research and analysis tools along with a streamlined platform and easy registration process. So we gave them top marks for available services and features.

Tornado is new Learn to Earn Program further enriches its offers. This financial wellness module is a great way for you to learn about investing, and Tornado encourages you by paying you for taking the course. When you’re done, you get $50 which you can use to continue investing. This is just another way for Tornado to educate consumers and encourage informed decision-making when it comes to stocks, crypto, securities, and other financial instruments.

Additionally, Tornado wants to reach underrepresented groups, such as students, who could easily be fooled by empty promises from other platforms. With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving people at home and forcing many to seek new sources of income, investing wisely is more important than ever.

Tornado currently offers 1 route you can use to contact their customer service:

  • By email: To speak with a customer service representative via email, send a message to If you already have a Tornado account and are troubleshooting an issue, send a message to

Tornado also has a comprehensive FAQ section that you can use to troubleshoot some of the most common user issues. In the future, it would be nice to see Tornado offer additional customer service options like phone support and live chat features.

The Tornado mobile app offers a full range of account functionality, mimicking functionality on the desktop platform. Some of the benefits you will enjoy when investing through the Tornado mobile app include:

  • Access to simulated trading: Whether your account is fully open or you are using a simulated account, you can still enjoy quick access to trading on the go with Tornado.
  • Personalized news and discussion feed: As on the desktop platform, your personalized news and discussion feed will be carried over to your mobile app. No need to recalibrate your News Feed. Just log in to your account and enjoy the same experience.
  • Simplified interface and ordering process: Some brokerages simply transfer their existing desktop interface to their mobile platforms, which can lead to a buggy and inefficient buying and selling process. Tornado’s mobile interface has been customized for its mobile platform, which means you will have no problem buying and selling assets.

The Tornado Mobile App is currently available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

With a unique and comprehensive set of investment tools, Tornado offers a fantastic option for new investors looking for a little more insight into their long-term investments. Although the broker does not offer the most affordable trading experience on the market, its multitude of optimization tools and insightful features can help you get the most out of your investment without spending too much. Going forward, we hope Tornado will continue to expand its customer service and asset offerings to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your investing needs.