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“The scourges against which I fought when young are stronger today”

In an interview with World, Benoît Hamon, socialist presidential candidate five years ago, founder of the Generation party. s, considers it necessary “Consider action not simply through the exercise of power or institutions but through citizen mobilization, the creation of activities, innovation”.

You are withdrawing from political life. Why ?

I walked in a kind of gray area between the time when I was very involved in political life until the 2017 presidential election, then in a hybrid transition between a partisan commitment and a personal life, a profession , which took me further and further away from politics. I don’t have the impression of a great leap into the void.

Singa, the organization that I join, is representative of these citizen movements which have developed over the past ten years and which have enormous impact through the solutions they propose, in the public debate as in the representations that can be made. have conflicting subjects like immigration. Singa is both an NGO, a movement focused on welcoming refugees and migrants who makes the most of who they are, their skills, their talents, their ambitions to promote inclusion that is beneficial to themselves and especially to the host society. It is also a social enterprise, which works in partnership with large foundations, such as The Human Safety Net, companies or institutions, to change negative perceptions of migration and to demonstrate the links between innovation and migration.

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Several studies attest to this: the more inclusive a society, the better its economy, the more peaceful social relations. This is also where the cultural battle is waged. This is a powerful bias at a time when we live in the myth of closed societies, as Bergson said.

This approach comes from you or from Singa?

I contacted them. I knew they were looking for someone. I met its founders. We imagined Singa’s future together. Discussions lasted two months.

What will your function be?

I will be the Managing Director of Singa Global. I will be accompanied by a new director of operations, Fatemeh Jailani. My mission is to accelerate the change of scale in Europe and North America. Singa is quite well known in France. It has a good reputation for the impact of its incubators, which mainly welcome exiles but also local innovators who have projects dedicated to inclusion. The idea is to allow everyone’s potential to unfold and flourish. The image we keep of migrants is that of women and men damaged by exile. However, their life is not limited to this journey. How many people in the tents are treasures? There is incredible potential. Not everyone will create Google or BioNtech. But there are also the future Marie Curies under the tents of the Porte de la Chapelle.

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