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The Point of View: What do Israelis think of the war on Gaza? | Israeli-Palestinian conflict News


For Israelis who oppose the war on Gaza, the consequences are serious.

The war on Gaza has been going on for more than two months and Israelis have shown massive support. But not everyone feels this way, and some Israelis opposed to the war feel ostracized, even threatened. Where is Israeli public opinion on the war on Gaza – and what will it mean as the war continues?

In this episode:

  • Gaia Dan, anti-war activist
  • Nils Adler (@nilsadler1), Independent journalist

Episode credits:

This episode was produced by Amy Walters, Fahrinisa Campana and our host Malika Bilal.

Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. Our Development and Audience Engagement Manager is Aya Elmileik and Adam Abou-Gad is our Engagement Producer.

Alexandra Locke is the executive producer of The Take and Ney Alvarez is the head of audio for Al Jazeera.

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