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The horoscope for Saturday November 18, 2023

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With the Moon in Aquarius, friendship is at the forefront this Saturday, but a relationship that seems to be in need of repair. You have to pick up the pieces… Perhaps because you are responsible for a falling out, because you have upset the other person and are a little too abrupt in the way you express yourself. That said, you could also have an unforeseen event to manage, a project that is canceled or must be modified for example.


You will have an obligation to fulfill, a duty to accomplish, and you will not do it cheerfully because you have been asked to do so, it will not come from you. However, you often experience requests as constraints and this will be the case today. This does not mean that you do not have a sense of duty, on the contrary: it is well anchored in you, and especially towards your family. But if we force you, things won’t work at all!


A wind of freedom will blow through Gemini, thanks to three planets well aligned with your 2nd decan. Everything you do will have a scent of renewal, you will really feel like you are breaking out of your routine. And this is important for your sign who hates the boredom that uniformity creates. We know how much you like variety, hence sometimes your difficulty in committing to serious and lasting relationships.


You will tend to get anxious, so avoid worrying about subjects that you can anyway resolve at the start of the week. The problem is that with the Moon in Aquarius today, you will tend to anticipate and you will not anticipate anything positive! Whereas frankly, there is nothing to indicate that you might have a hurdle to overcome. However, look at what your ascendant says.


A weekend conducive to your relationships of all kinds, friendly or romantic. You may have met someone special, or you will. In any case, the Moon in Aquarius emphasizes the “apart” side of this relationship, or the way in which you have or will meet this person. However, you may be invited by friends, who have planned to put you in touch with another of their friends…


You won’t be laughing this weekend! On the contrary, you will be preoccupied with work to complete. Unless you have some serious tidying up to do at home. A priori, Virgo likes order, but she loves her work even more. Maybe during the week the tidying up you do is superficial (albeit) and you take advantage of the weekend to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. You may also have some work to do at home.


Your sign is highly valued by the situation and there is no doubt, a great weekend awaits you, you will be at the top of your seduction and happy to be alive. Only those born at the very end of the sign (after October 20) will have something to grind because of the blocking dissonance of Pluto. Fortunately, it is ending and you will no longer have to suffer from it in 2024, Pluto will be in harmony with you.


A question arises: are you the one who will want to differentiate yourself from others, stand out from the crowd, or will you, despite yourself, feel apart? Both are possible given that often, even from a young age, Scorpio has the feeling of not being like others and this continues into adulthood. Or, on the contrary, he manages not to be part of the herd and seeks to differentiate himself from the others.


A weekend where you would happily get out of your routine, from this daily routine which is difficult to live with for the migratory bird that you are. It is said that Sagittarius likes traveling, you will read this in all astrology books, but it also means that you need distance, to get some fresh air, not to lock yourself away, both physically and psychologically.


You are probably planning to spend something today, and whatever you have to buy, know that you will make the right choice, that you will be happy with it. You are not one of those who hesitate for a long time because you know what you want and you do not spend hours in stores. Except perhaps in bookstores, often Capricorn’s favorite place.


The Moon moves into your sign for the weekend, which means you’ll have easy contradiction; you will contest almost automatically! Especially if you don’t like the people you meet! However, 1st decan, the Moon will connect with Venus and Mercury, both in good aspect with you and it is not excluded that you will have a delicious day because you will be in good company.


If you want to please someone, stay as mysterious as possible. Don’t talk about your life, on the contrary, let others talk. It’s a good tactic for seduction, widely practiced by Pisces, simply because you know how to listen and the other person senses it. As a result, he or she confides and does not immediately think of asking you questions. Unless the other is Pisces like you!

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