Teenager praised for teasing dad over complaints after work


The internet has praised a teenage girl for “making fun” of her father for his after-work complaints in a new social media post.

Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a teenage girl with the anonymous username u/Throwaway61565 shared her story to receive feedback from the “ATIA” community. The viral post has over 19,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The original poster (OP) began his post by explaining how his father is the “breadwinner” while his mother stays home and takes care of cooking, cleaning and other chores around the house. As OP is the oldest, she tries her best to help her mother but “can’t do much”. She wrote that when her father comes home from work, he tends to complain “about everything”.

Above, a man arguing with a woman. Posted on Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum, a teenage girl has been praised for ‘fun’ on her dad’s post-work complaints.
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Following the complaints, she said she listened to the arguments between her parents on a daily basis. She admits to having confronted her father about his complaints but nothing helped.

OP decided that she would pick a day when he was off work and pretend to act like him. She made him a typical work outfit and used black duct tape to create a mustache.

She described her prank: “At 6 p.m. I came into the house. I yelled ‘I’M HOME!!’ then sat next to him in the living room and started kicking my shoes while complaining about the state of the house at the top of my lungs he looked at me confused wondering what I was doing. I ignored him and then started yelling that the carpet was dirty, the shower wasn’t ready, the kids needed to be quiet, etc.”

“My youngest brother kept pointing at me saying ‘it’s daddy’. I then yelled about dinner and then scolded my mom for not cooking. [it] before the hour. My father stopped me and in a serious tone asked me what I was doing. I turned to him and said ‘WHAT?! CAN’T A MAN REST AFTER WORKING LONG HOURS!!’ in the most macho voice I could muster. My dad understood because it was the common phrase he uses on a daily basis,” she continued.

Eventually, she stopped the act and told her father that she showed him what he looked like every day. He didn’t say anything, walked out and refused to talk to her.

“He later talked about how I ‘made fun’ of him and invalidated him. That he worked hard and that I did that was disrespectful and invalidated. Mum said it was funny but also thought that I was hurting my father’s feelings and that I could have gotten the message through another path instead,” she concluded.

Newsweek contacted u/Throwaway61565 for comment.

Newsweek published several articles about teenagers, including how a teenager was applauded for telling a woman her “baby” was a waste of space, a teenager backed up online for making his step-siblings cry, and a teenager slammed for not looking at sister’s baby while showering.

How to deal with parents who argue a lot

Are you in a similar situation to OP? Your parents argue a lot and you don’t know how to handle it? Here are some tips for dealing with arguments from your parents, according to allwomenstalk.com:

  • Always remember it’s not your fault if your parents argue
  • Stay away from arguments by leaving the house often
  • Don’t listen to their arguments
  • Don’t assume the worst
  • Avoid taking sides
  • Confront your parents and tell them how you feel
  • Talk to a therapist

Editors’ reactions

“[Not the a**hole]. You held up a mirror to his behavior, and he didn’t like what he saw. It’s on him. Hope he gets the message,” u/mimiuniverse shared, receiving the top comment of over 27,000 upvotes.

U/evilsir said, “It’s absolutely hilarious and well deserved and sometimes people need to see how they behave to really understand. Good job. [Not the a**hole].”

“[Not the a**hole]. You only showed him how he is. If it was embarrassing for him, then he shouldn’t act that way. F**k anyone who pulls the “well he pays for the house” is boomer talk. The fact that he pays for the house does not make you a slave and he has also chosen to have a family. Everyone has their role in the family. You don’t go to his office and tell him things are not going a certain way, he won’t be able to do that when he gets home,” u/JSSJeepin wrote.

U/No-Mechanic-3048 commented: “[Not the a**hole] and I like it. He wouldn’t listen to you like you said before. Maybe in a week or two, talk to him about his behavior with your mother. Obviously it affects everyone and young children realize that.”



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