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Stade Toulousain: why the colors of the Toulouse rugby club are red and black

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The club, 22 times champion of France and 5 times winner of the Champions Cup, has adopted the same visual identity for many years. It is part of the history of the Pink City.

Red, black. Two colors that we find, very regularly, during the most glorious moments in the history of rugby in France. These are, in particular, those of Stade Toulousain. Most successful French club: 22 times French champion, 5 times winner of the Champions Cup.

From 1907, the year the club was founded, these colors were adopted. However, at the very beginning of the great history of the team, it was also a question of gray and even yellow. The Stade Toulousain that we know today was born from the merger between three sports structures in the city of Toulouse.

First entity: the Olympic Stadium of Toulouse students, born in 1897. The team plays with a jersey red.

Second entity: the Sports Union of the Veterinary School, born in 1899. A team, therefore composed of veterinarians, some of whom come from the Toulouse Olympian student stadium. Its color is gray.

Third entity: Sport Athlétique Toulousain, a more minor structure. Its colors are yellow and black.

From the beginning of the 20th century, competition set in between these three entities. But quickly, the Stade Olympien of Toulouse students established itself as the major team, reaching the final of the French championship in 1903.

Thus, the Sports Union of the Veterinary School and the Toulousain Athletic Sport decided to merge to try to compete with the Olympic Stadium. This new team resulting from the merger, called Véto-Sport Toulousain, thus adopts a gray jersey (color of the Union Sportive de l’École Vétérinaire) and black shorts (like those of Sport Athlétique Toulousain).

But in 1907, the Stade Olympien, ever more powerful, finally absorbed Véto-Sport. And so the Stade Olympien et Véto-Sport Toulousain was born, which we will quickly call for the sake of simplicity: the Stade Toulousain.

And in terms of colors, the gray of the jersey of the late Veterinary School Sports Union is fading to make way for the red worn by the Olympic Stadium. The shorts remain black.

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Why did you choose to keep these colors, precisely? This is a direct reference to the Capitouls. Red and black in fact constituted the visual identity of these elected officials, inhabitants of the city of Toulouse, responsible for constituting the municipal council and carrying out functions of administration, justice and defense of the city. This, from the Middle Ages until the Revolution. Their authority was recognized by the King of France.

Eight Toulouse capitouls (1658-1659), ready to welcome Louis XIV (Antoine Durand, around 1662).
Engraving from Book I of the annals of the Capitouls of Toulouse (1295-1532), portraits of the capitouls of the year 1437-1438.

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Throughout history, club colors will hardly ever vary. Only the 2007 season, which marks the centenary of the club’s creation, is marked with a pale pink tunic. The white jersey, for away matches, appeared in the 1920s.

Furthermore, do you know how the Stade Toulousain logo was born, and these famous intertwined “S” and “T”? We tell you the story here.

Source : The little book of big clubs – Stade Toulousain by Gérard Schaller (Hugo Sport, €9.99)


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