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Six reasons the corporate media failed to frame MAGA for the Paul Pelosi incident

Watching the overpaid, dried-up pranks that run the corporate media sadly tries to frame Republicans for what happened to Paul Pelosi last week is like watching Lou Costello parallel park.

Oh, how I laugh and laugh and laugh…

In addition to losing their moral authority and influence, the corporate media is becoming more incompetent day by day. Fifteen years ago, with billions of corporate dollars backing their lies and a virtual monopoly on public information, this scheme would have worked like a charm. But the execution wouldn’t have been as clumsy as this one.

These people are not only fascist and corrupt; they are idiots.

So here are the six reasons why the media’s attempt to blame us for what happened to Paul Pelosi has so spectacularly failed…

  1. No one believes in the media anymore

Come on… Ten days before a major national election, the same media guilty of all this…

  • Collusion hoax with Russia
  • Hands up, don’t shoot the prank
  • Jussie Smollett Hoax
  • Covington KKKids Hoax
  • Very good people prank
  • Seven o’clock prank
  • Global warming hoax
  • Russian bounty hoax
  • Trump destroys troop hoax
  • Police killed in mostly peaceful protest hoax on January 6
  • Rittenhouse Hoax
  • Eating during a black prank
  • Border agents whip illegal pranks
  • NASCAR Noose Hoax
  • The Georgia Jim Crow Hoax 2.0
  • Trump assaulted Secret Service agents and seized the steering wheel in a beast prank

…honestly thought they could get voters to buy anything they report, especially something as Reichstag as this?

  1. These same media idiots “botched” the first reports

That’s what I meant by the growing incompetence of the media…

THEY told us there was a third person in the Pelosi home at the time of the alleged assault.

THEY told us that the alleged attacker was only wearing his underwear.

San Francisco police officers and FBI agents gather at the home of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on October 28, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Paul Pelosi was violently attacked at their home by an intruder. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

So based on what the corporate media told us at the time alone, the idea that this was a politically motivated attack seemed absurd. A third person let the cops in? The alleged attacker walked the streets of San Francisco wearing nothing but his underwear?

Come on, all of you.

But then…


After the corporate media’s own reporting caused reasonable people to question the fake media’s MAGA ATTACKER narrative, the fake media retracted the ‘third person’ and ‘underwear’ stories – which m brings you to number three…

  1. Did I mention that no one believes the media anymore?

Damn, how so convenient that the very facts that undermine the Democratic Party’s favorite narrative ten days before a consequential national election were… Wrong.


Were they?

You see, that’s the thing… When you’re dealing with such corrupt and dishonest media, there’s only one thing you can be sure of…

If the media knew for sure that Paul Pelosi had invited his alleged abuser to his home to engage in illicit activities (sex, drugs, whatever), and it went sideways, the media would still tell us it was of an assassination attempt on MAGA. They would always hide the truth and always try to trick us.

  1. Paul Pelosi’s alleged attack is – LOL – a leftist

Here’s what else we know about David DePape… He’s a nudist who lives in a hippy Berkeley commune that flies the gay flag and Black Lives Matter banners.

He also looks like a drug-addicted loon.

He’s also an illegal alien who benefits from California’s sanctuary policies.

To begin with, if this guy was really MAGA, he would have deported.

  1. OHMYGAWD, hypocrisy!

The media is trying to accuse us of a crime they support – the physical assault of politicians.


Six reasons the corporate media failed to frame MAGA for the Paul Pelosi incident

Does the mainstream media honestly believe we’ve forgotten how they laughed and joked about a Democrat assaulting Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)?

Does the media honestly believe we forgot how after Rep. Steve Scalise was shot by a Democratic assassin, they dropped the story after 6 p.m.?

Does the media think we have forgotten how they blamed Trump for leftists who provoked violence at his rallies or how they ignored the firebombing of countless pregnancy centers, the SWAT-ing of Republican politicians, and told us that antifa attacks on state capitols were mostly peaceful?

And does the media honestly believe we forgot how, after Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists injured up to 50 (!) Secret Service agents in an attack on the White House in 2020, corporate media ridiculed Trump over reports that he was rushed to a secure location?

  1. Hopelessly desperate and dishonest stuff like that

Watch Chuck Todd pass himself off as a pompous Class A jerk…

Pay particular attention to the 4:25 mark.

The worst he has about former President Trump is that Trump says he wants to end Nancy Pelosi’s political career. It’s the worst Todd can come up with – typical campaign rhetoric.


Also note how Todd refuses to mention any of this…

Six reasons the corporate media failed to frame MAGA for the Paul Pelosi incident

Note how Todd plays a video of Obama calling for peace, but fails to mention Obama’s violent rhetoric, or Joe Biden smearing half the country as dangerous, or the leftist assault on the White House in 2020…

Note how Todd connects DePape to MAGA because DePape asked “Where’s Nancy?” Also note that Todd fails to mention that DePape is a Berkeley nudist living in a resort that flies the gay flag and Black Lives Matter banners.

Above all, notice how Todd expresses zero skepticism about what the government is telling him. Why? Because “believing your government without question” is what journalism has become.

Six reasons the corporate media failed to frame MAGA for the Paul Pelosi incident

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the attack on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, and the midterm elections at the 3rd Annual Pennsylvania Democratic Party Independence Dinner in Philadelphia on October 28, 2022. (Kyke Mazza/Anadolu Agency via Getty)

Todd’s idiocy – as well as the idiocy of his corrupt colleagues – is revealed in his belief that he can get away with it and that the public can be so easily bamboozled by bold lies by omission. Todd lives in a world that no longer exists, one where he has the monopoly of information.

Well, sorry, mate… As your own media proved last week – thanks to new media – the American people are informed, know what’s going on, know the truth, and know what outright liars you all are.

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