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Sean Penn and Daughter Dylan Penn in New Flag Day Movie: ‘It’s a Very Complicated Relationship’ |  Ents & Arts News

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Sean Penn and Daughter Dylan Penn in New Flag Day Movie: ‘It’s a Very Complicated Relationship’ | Ents & Arts News

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From playing an ex-con dealing with the murder of his daughter in Mystic River to his portrayal of California’s first openly gay elected official in Milk, Sean Penn has had one of Hollywood’s most varied and acclaimed careers.

These roles made him a better actor twice Oscar winner, with three other nominations – for Dead Man Walking, Sweet And Lowdown and I Am Sam – also under his belt, as well as accolades for his work behind the camera on films such as Into The Wild.

Penn also made headlines outside of her performances; his marriage to Madonna in 1985 made them one of the most famous couples in the world at the time, and they’re also a star who was never afraid to speak out on political issues or use their platform to put ahead of the causes in which he believes.

Penn plays real-life con artist John Vogel in the film. Peak: Liberation from dizziness

So, with the 61-year-old daughter Dylan and son Hopper following in his footsteps, it’s no surprise they turn to him for advice on how to navigate the industry. Her latest project, Flag Day, sees Penn not only acting and directing for the first time, but also starring alongside her children.

Based on the true story of American journalist Jennifer Vogel’s account of her life with her father, notorious con artist, counterfeiter and bank robber John Vogel, the film follows the couple over 20 years.

Dylan, 30, whose mother is actress Robin Wright (Forrest Gump, House Of Cards), grew up in Northern California, far from Hollywood, and never set out to follow his famous parents into the comedy. She is a successful model and had ambitions to work in the industry but behind the camera. However, Sean says he always imagined her playing the role of Jennifer Vogel.

After encouraging her and Hopper, who plays Jennifer’s brother Nick Vogel, the star tells Sky News the industry is very different to the one he started in in the early 1980s, and shares his advice for their children.

“The company I knew is not the company it is today,” he says. “Especially with the lingering effects of covid pandemic, you know, at every level of business or filmmaking, there are questions about what the future will hold.

“With the streaming injection, the convenience, the ability to see movies in home theaters, etc. – which wouldn’t have been my advice…I’m still a guy who fell in love with the girl which is called cinema in a cinema in the dark with strangers. I think the types of stories I’m interested in are the ones that want to be experienced that way.”

Sean Penn and Daughter Dylan Penn in New Flag Day Movie: ‘It’s a Very Complicated Relationship’ |  Ents & Arts News

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Dylan plays Jennifer Vogel, who wrote the memoir the film is based on. Peak: Liberation from dizziness

In 2022, there’s an “extraordinary amount of content,” he says, comparing today’s streaming culture to a huge bookstore where people don’t cross paths. “It seems like a less unifying experience for culture and society at one point than it was when I fell in love with it.”

However, he continues: “Having said that, there is [also] some of the most extraordinary writing, actors, directors. Good things are truly miraculously good – though designed to become addictive; it doesn’t take a few hours of our volunteer time to get in and have a cultural experience, it’s something that’s meant to grab and hold us for as long as possible.

“For actors getting involved in the world today, you’re talking about very high profile things in terms of corporate perception, which is getting a role on a show. Well, that role in a series may mean that you are not going to do any other part for six years.

“The acting career, I would find it very treacherous if I started today…I think everything from the audition process to the selectivity to the competition, I think it’s all on a much higher level. higher than it was. So I’m concerned, given that I’ve been nurturing my two kids…there’s a part of me that just hopes they have their laser focus on the way to through all that interests them and is of value to them, so that they are not distracted by all the noise of a too large library.”

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Flag Day, which also stars Katheryn Winnick, Josh Brolin and Regina King, presents an intimate portrait of a young woman struggling to rise above the wreckage of her past – while reconciling the inescapable bond that she has with her father.

This may be her first major role, but Dylan’s performance is sure to silence any critics who might wonder why she got the part.

She read Jennifer Vogel’s book as a teenager, but never felt ready to take on the role until now. While Vogel clearly had a very complex relationship with her father, Dylan says she could see similarities to her own situation.

“It’s a very complicated relationship between Jennifer and her dad, and I think I can relate to that,” she says. “Corn [it’s] also very different in how my dad and I are very transparent with each other, whereas Jennifer was always striving to have that with her dad but not getting it back.

“I think in terms of life experience, I feel like there’s a parallel with me and Jennifer in terms of trying to find your authentic self and identifying as separate from your family. I think that rang true for me.”

As the child of two very famous parents, Dylan says she was always aware of forging her own path.

“If people know who my parents are before I walk into the room, there’s a preconceived perception,” she says. “So I think I sometimes felt a bit handicapped by that and didn’t feel safe before I walked into a room or went to a new school or started a new job.

“Then as you get older, [I realised] it’s just part of who I am. I’m separate, I’m an individual, but it will always be part of who I am.”

Flag Day hits theaters and digital platforms from Friday

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