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Sam Harris under fire for saying ‘Trump is worse than Osama bin Laden’

Sam Harris, the famous American author and public intellectual, caused a stir on social media when he told his podcast listeners that former President Donald Trump “is a worse person than Osama bin Laden.”

“I’ve said many times that I think Donald Trump is a worse person than Osama bin Laden,” Harris said on a recent episode of his “Making Sense” podcast. An excerpt from his comments was posted on Twitter by journalist Tom Elliott.

Harris, an atheist, neuroscientist and philosopher, said he understands why such a statement was “surprising”, but insists it was not meant to be “hyperbolic”.

“I can defend every word of a statement like that,” Harris continued.

“What I can’t defend is people’s misunderstandings and erroneous extrapolations from a statement like that.”

Harris said that while he didn’t know bin Laden personally, he wouldn’t be surprised to learn he had “courage” and “integrity.”
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Harris sought to ‘clarify’ his comments by saying bin Laden, the arch-al Qaeda terrorist who orchestrated the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, was ‘more or less’ a “normal human being, psychologically”. ”

“He was just living in the grip of a dangerous, silly worldview,” Harris said of bin Laden.

Harris said the Saudi terrorist “created immense harm” and that it was “very good that we killed him”.

“But within the framework of his abhorrent beliefs, he demonstrated many virtues,” Harris said of bin Laden.

“He was a man who certainly seemed capable of real self-sacrifice,” the podcast host said, calling bin Laden a man “tethered to ideals beyond narrow self-interest.”

“[Bin Laden] was obviously personally quite brave,” Harris said.

Harris thought that even though he did not know bin Laden personally, it would not surprise him at all if he learned that bin Laden was someone of “genuine integrity, generosity and compassion in his dealings with his fellow Muslims”.

Sam Harris under fire for saying ‘Trump is worse than Osama bin Laden’
Harris called Trump, the 45th president, a man lacking in “sacrifice.”
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“None of those things can be said about Donald Trump,” Harris said. “Trump is, without a doubt, one of the least honest and selfish human beings I have ever met.”

Harris speculated that if Trump “were a better person, he would be worse in many ways.”

A “brave, self-sacrificing, idealistic” Trump who was “able to commit himself firmly to something beyond his narrow self-interest” would be “able to create much more harm in the world.”

“But he’s not,” Harris said, calling Trump a “child in a man’s body” who “lies as freely as he breathes.”

“Unlike bin Laden, it is patently obvious that Trump is not psychologically normal.”

Harris’ clarification was recorded online.

“I didn’t think the clarification could be much worse than the original statement, but he made sure it was,” one Twitter user commented.

Sam Harris under fire for saying ‘Trump is worse than Osama bin Laden’
Harris called Trump “a child in a man’s body.”
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“When ‘worse than Hitler’ was so overused now they resort to ‘well Bin Laden wasn’t that bad compared to Donald Trump’…” another Twitter user wrote.

“This dude needs to commit…but that’s the thought process of the left,” one Twitter user wrote of Harris.

“They can’t pass up.”

Last month, Harris raised his eyebrows when he told the “Triggernometry” podcast that he supported Twitter’s decision to ban Trump’s account.


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