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Rugby: “It was a childhood dream to play professionally”, despite the Blagnac club filing for bankruptcy, Lucas Martins was able to bounce back at SU Agen

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Without a club at mid-season after the fall of Sporting Club Blagnac, Lucas Martins was offered a dream opportunity with SU Agen. Between disillusionment and enchantment, the young player confides in his future in the professional world of rugby.

Last January the Blagnac club filed for bankruptcy. On the verge of finalizing their restructuring, the flagship team should resume in Federal 1. Many players found themselves without a contract. This is the case of Lucas Martins, a promising young prospect playing in the first team. Recruited by SU Agen, the Blagnac native with four selections with the Portuguese national team, talks about the fall of his club and his future in Pro D2.

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How did you experience the fall of the club?

As a youngster at the club, I wasn’t in the limelight, so I found out the same day by going to training and reading the articles. It was the manager of the hopefuls who announced it to us and the next day, there was the meeting. It was complicated given that I was injured at the start of the season so I hadn’t played much. I asked myself a lot of questions about my future. Luckily, I was selected for Portugal which gave me more playing time.

What does it mean to you to play with Portugal?

It’s a source of great pride given that it’s my father’s nationality. It was an incredible experience, I had the chance to play for the first time with my brother, it’s a moment that will stay with you forever. There was a certain connection between us during the matches as he was often close to me on the pitch, which was very pleasant.

What does your signing for the Agen club mean to you?

It’s a childhood dream for me to evolve in the professional category. To start, I’m going to focus on summer preparation to arrive as fit as possible. The goal for me is not to sit on the bench but to play and find a place for myself. I know it won’t necessarily be easy but I like this challenge.

What are your goals for the future?

To start with, being able to get a place in the Agen first team, which wouldn’t be bad. But the ultimate goal would be to play a World Cup with Portugal and if possible with my brother. Given that it is one of the most important competitions in the world of rugby, it would really be a dream to participate.


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