Reviews | Why the hell does Pelosi support the Trumpists?

The Democratic Party is behaving recklessly and unpatriotically. So far, Democrats have spent Tens of millions to help Trumpist candidates in the Republican primaries.

In Illinois alone, the Democratic Governors Association and Democratic Governor JB Pritzker have spent at least $30 million attacking a moderate Trumpist opponent for governor. In Pennsylvania, a Democratic campaign spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads aimed at helping a Trumpist candidate win the GOP gubernatorial primary. A political action committee affiliated with Nancy Pelosi has worked to boost far-right Republican House candidates in California and Colorado.

They do so because they think far-right Trumpist candidates will be easier to defeat in the general election than more moderate candidates.

What Democrats are doing is sordid at the best of times. If you love your country more than your party, you should want the best candidates to advance in either party. And under these circumstances, what they are doing is insane: the far-right candidates that Democrats support could easily win.

Many Democrats, living in their own information bubble and seemingly learning nothing from 2016, don’t seem to understand the horrific electoral landscape they face. They don’t seem to understand just how far their status quo approach could lead to a full Republican takeover in 2025 — which, as the January 6 insurrection hearing reminded us once again this week, would be a disaster for our democracy.

Many Democrats are hoping the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision will mobilize their voters for future terms, and that appears to have happened, at least in the short term. But I am convinced that this election will be mainly about the economy and the existential state of the country. Things look extremely bleak for the ruling party.

According to a May poll by The Wall Street Journal and NORC, 83% of Americans think the economy is bad or worse. And an equally staggering 83% of Americans are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the country, according to a Gallup poll.

Parties are punished when they make mistakes. Recently, Democrats have made the kind of mistakes that infuriate voters.

Liberal economists underestimated the inflationary threat, and Democratic fiscal policy, ignoring that threat, seems to have made it worse. The Democratic Party as a whole sided with progressives who saw policing simply through the lens of racial injustice. It’s an important goal, but progressives ignored the goal of public safety and were unprepared for widespread public anger over rising crime.

Likewise, many progressives have argued that cancel culture is either not a thing or is seriously exaggerated. Americans afraid to think out loud think the left has become too censored, and the Democratic Party is once again found guilty by association. Progressives have also largely failed to fill the gaps in their model of government. The endemic inequality, homelessness and other social ills plaguing San Francisco and other cities are there for everyone.

We live in a time of threat, a time when people feel unsafe on many fronts. These are ages when voters tend to flock to conservative parties, which they associate with law and order.

And then there’s the underlying problem, which hasn’t been fixed since. donald Trump won his unexpected victory in 2016 that while Democrats support many popular policies, Progressives are associated with a series of social and cultural values ​​that are unpopular with most Americans. According to a new More in Common survey, 69% of Americans think America is a country where if you get a good education, develop your talents, and are open to innovation, you can do anything. Only 36% of progressive activists agree with this.

It’s just a fundamental difference in the way people view the country, and time and time again, Democratic politicians have been punished for the messages that come out of progressive educational and cultural institutions.

The Republican Party has become quite extreme over the past few years. But it’s important to remember that Americans think the Democratic Party has also gone extreme. According to a CNN poll, 46% of Americans think the GOP is “too extreme” and 48% think the Democratic Party is “too extreme.” I guess it’s not about Democratic domestic policies, many of which are popular, but about progressive cultural and social positions. These are people who feel alienated from the metropolitan elites.

I’ve had a recurring mystification over the past six years: How come the Democrats aren’t crushing these guys? The GOP worked full time to dishonor itself during those years. And yet, pundits expect Republicans to easily take over the House and possibly the Senate. It’s pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

And all of that is going to get catastrophically worse for Democrats if the economy deteriorates further and a recession hits.

In 2020, Biden was the candidate who didn’t seem tied to coastal elites. But Democrats are still beaten because of this association. And what are they doing to fix the problem? Spending money to support the Trumpists.

These lunatics could rule the country in a few years.


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