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Ranking NFL Head Coach Jobs, Best (Jaguars) to Worst (Giants)

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From the sideline to unemployment lines, NFL head coaches have tough jobs.

There are only 32 head coach positions in the NFL, so the guys can’t be too picky about the situation. While the 2021 job postings may have offered several intriguing jobs, the choice of scope in 2022 is not as ideal.

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There are currently six jobs available, with a seventh coming (if the Raiders leave Rich Bisaccia) or potentially an eighth, depending on what’s going on with David Culley in Houston.

So, out of the half-dozen openings across the NFL right now, here’s how desirable they are, at least at most:

6. The giants of New York

General manager: N / A
Projected plug space: (~ $ 3 million)
2022 NFL Draft Pick: New

This could be the worst condition the Giants franchise has been in for some time.

They have a lot of picks in the draft to start a new era, but their ceiling situation is not ideal, the offense is broken and the defense is expensive and just above par.

With Dave Gettleman retired and Joe Judge both receiving the Big Blue boot, the Giants are going to have to take a close look at their organization and hit the reset button, something they haven’t done for a long time.

There are so, so many questions the next GM will need to answer:

  • What are they going to do with Daniel Jones?
  • What will become of Saquon Barkley?
  • How long will this reconstruction take?

The Giants have two top-10 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, so whoever takes the GM office seat will have their work cut out for them, in what will be – and should – be Year 1 of a rebuild. total.

Jones’ question is most urgent: While Jones has shone and has shown signs of being a good quarterback, his injury and turnaround issues over three seasons in the league don’t paint a particularly promising picture for the League. ‘to come up. Any incoming GM would be smart to look at rival Crosstown Jets and Sam Darnold’s situation for inspiration.

The Jets? Give the example ?

This is the state of New York football, folks.

5. Minnesota Vikings

General manager: N / A
Projected plug space: (~ $ 14 million)
2022 NFL Draft Pick: Eight

Vikings aren’t necessarily a quick or easy fix. To that end, the opening might be the worst of the lot, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad job.

Kirk Cousins ​​and the Vikings could be a winning team with a winning coach now in 2022, but after that there could be a full rebuild on the horizon. It starts with the Viking cap situation: Minnesota has lived in cap space hell for most of the past five years. With Rick Spielman out, it’ll be up to the next GM to figure out the Vikings’ ceiling situation, something that’s easier said than done, even with the heaviest deals on the books.

At the top of that list is quarterback Kirk Cousins: Cousins, who will be in the final year of his two-year, $ 66 million extension, which is fully guaranteed. Cousins ​​is set to make $ 35 million next season, which includes a $ 10 million signing bonus. There’s no real way to avoid paying him a lot of money. They’ll be one of the most interesting teams to watch this offseason, and the new head coach (and general manager) will have his arms full.

The new coach will have the opportunity to push the Vikings to the playoffs for another year before they have to imagine the future, which will make it difficult for any potentially unproven product.

4. Miami Dolphins

General manager: Chris Grier
Projected plug space: ~ $ 75 million
2022 NFL Draft Pick: Seven

Surprisingly, the Dolphins leaving Brian Flores are opening up a pretty attractive position in South Beach.

The closet isn’t exactly sterile: Jaylen Waddle proved to be a top receiver in Year 1 and Tua Tagovailoa apparently earned the trust of the owner and GM in Year 2. So As owner Stephen Ross has been outspoken about his desire to avoid Deshaun Watson, whether it’s Watson at the end of the tunnel or Tua, the new Miami head coach won’t have to worry about a passer.

Instead, the next head coach will need to understand the rest of Miami’s offense and build on a promising 8-1 result that Brian Flores had to wrap up in the 2021-22 campaign. These are difficult shoes to fill.

3. The Denver Broncos

General manager: Georges paton
Projected plug space: ~ $ 48 million
2022 NFL Draft Pick: Seven

The Broncos are a ready-made organization and ready to win right now. Well, apart from a very small problem …

… Who plays the quarterback?

Vic Fangio was fired at the end of the regular season, in part because of Denver’s underperforming offense with both quarterbacks Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. The Broncos have far too much offensive talent to be stuck in the bottom third of the league in most major offensive categories.

The Broncos have ample headroom space ahead of any pending cost cuts in the coming months, which puts them in a very good position to keep their competitive window open. It will be up to Paton and the next head coach to determine the quarterback position, which they could address in the 2022 NFL Draft.

2. The Chicago Bears

General manager: N / A
Projected plug space: ~ $ 43 million
2022 NFL Draft Pick: Five

There are several reasons why the Bears’ job is one of the most attractive in the NFL right now.

First: an almost total organizational reset. A new GM who chooses his own guy instantly creates good synergy in the building. While they can’t pick their own quarterback (unless something really goes really wrong with Justin Fields’ assessment), the guy they have in the building has a lot of potential to make your mouth water. potential candidates.

The biggest hurdle right now is the lack of a first-round pick, which was sent to the Giants in the trade that landed Fields. If Fields turns out to be the real deal – 2021 was something of a washout for him, given the situation – then that missing first round isn’t going to mean much in the grand scheme of things.

In defense, the Bears have plenty of playmakers and enough room to try to attack them in the offseason. They have some work to do to attract legitimate talent, but they’re not as far as the Matt Nagy era might suggest.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

General manager: Trent Baalke
Projected plug space: ~ $ 72 million
2022 NFL Draft Pick: ten

Do the Jaguars have the best job available two seasons in a row? What world is this?

While owner Shad Khan is generally a patient guy when it comes to head training, he ripped off the Urban Meyer band-aid in the middle of the season, kicking off the search for their new coach.

The Jaguars’ next hire is absolutely crucial for the next five plus years of what’s to come in Jacksonville: With Trevor Lawrence in place, the new boss is going to have to reset the QB and clean up the Meyer stench from the organization. It’s not an easy task, but at least they’ll have everything they need to do it, whether it’s free agency or draft.

The small hurdle that the next head coach will have to overcome is that the GM is already in place. Baalke has a mixed reputation in the league, and being hired after Meyer in 2021 means he may have been the choice of the former unemployed coach, still leaving some of that odd dysfunction in Jacksonville.

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