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Questions the media needs to start asking about Hunter Biden and his father

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During a 2020 debate, President Donald Trump tried to pressure his rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, over an intriguing financial deal: $3.5 million invested in a fund controlled by the son of Biden. Although Hunter Biden is better known for his drug addiction and general instability than for his business acumen, Elena Baturina, the widow of Yuri Luzhkov, longtime mayor of Moscow and confidante of Vladimir Putin, for some reason deemed it wise to pour Russian money into a Hunter business.

If Biden had been the Republican in the race, Trump wouldn’t have had to wonder. The media would have asked for it over and over again. The central question of the campaign would have been to know why, when President Barack Obama made his vice-president the man of reference for administrative policy concerning countries such as Russia, Ukraine and China, the people linked to these notoriously corrupt regimes suddenly thought it was appropriate to pay Biden’s beloved son millions and millions of dollars.

But Biden was the Democrat in the race. The media-democratic complex, far from haranguing him until he answered such questions, was sure to help him deflect. In fact, an assortment of former establishment-friendly intelligence officials floated the notion that damning data on a computer that obviously belonged to Hunter might be Russian disinformation. The press dutifully ran with her.


So in response to Trump, Biden repeated the misinformation dodging, called his opponent a “clown,” and posed as if Hunter’s questions weren’t worth honoring with answers.

The tables have turned.

FILE – WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: US World Food Program Board Chairman Hunter Biden (L) and US Vice President Joe Biden present designer Michael Kors (C) with the McGovern-Dole Leadership Award from the US World Food Program at the Organization of American States on April December 12, 2016 in Washington, DC
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for World Food Program USA)

Too late, of course, to sway the 2020 race, the New York Times and Washington Post have suddenly decided that the Hunter laptop and the Biden family business it reveals are real news after all.

The Times and the Post have very good sources in Biden’s Justice Department. It’s a safe bet that they finally cover a story they tried to bury because they were alerted to its seriousness. They don’t want to be embarrassed if, after their refusal, Hunter is finally charged.

Well, of course, the mainstream media is now reporting on the case. But will they ask President Biden the tough questions they would undoubtedly ask if a Republican were in the White House?

For example, Biden claimed he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with his son. Yet there is overwhelming evidence that this is false. Just one example: Anthony Bobulinksi, a former naval officer and businessman recruited to structure Hunter’s lucrative deal with CEFC, a shady conglomerate intimately tied to the Chinese government and the Communist Party, says he personally discussed the deal with Joe Biden, twice face to face. -face.

Bobulinski says he was told that Chinese agents were willing to pay dearly for a connection to the Biden family, and that he was instructed by Hunter and Joe’s brother Jim to keep Joe’s involvement secret. . Hunter and Jim got millions of dollars in the deal. A document written by one of Hunter’s business partners and kept on Hunter’s computer, outlining each participant’s participation, says “the big guy” – who Bobulinski knew was Joe Biden – was to get ten percent of the spoils .

Bobulinski is ready to testify under oath about his dealings with the Bidens. He has already given numerous interviews to the FBI – that is to say, he risks prosecution for misrepresentation if he does not tell the truth.

So here’s my question and I’d like the Post and Times to ask it: Would President Biden also agree to testify under oath and sit down for interviews with the FBI regarding CEFC?

Of course, the mainstream media is now reporting on the Hunter Biden case. But will they ask President Biden the tough questions they would undoubtedly ask if a Republican were in the White House?

Something else. Despite ongoing Russian aggression, China remains America’s greatest geopolitical threat.

Beijing continues its military reinforcement (its navy is now larger than ours), tests hypersonic weapons and threatens Taiwan (having already engulfed Hong Kong).

Yet Biden insists that China is not a threat. It will not investigate, let alone sanction, Beijing for causing and covering up the Covid-19 pandemic which has claimed the lives of more than 6 million people worldwide.

His administration quietly abandoned the Justice Department’s initiative against Chinese espionage. Biden has remained silent in the face of piracy, the mass theft of intellectual property, the production of fentanyl and the enslavement of Uyghur Muslims by China.

Against this backdrop of appeasement by the Biden administration, we now know that individuals and entities closely tied to the Chinese regime have paid the Biden family millions of dollars over the past decade.


Isn’t it time for the Democratic media complex to look into this?

Hunter Biden has formed a partnership with a front for the Bank of China that has allowed its Chinese partners to acquire American technology for military use, as well as a coveted African cobalt mine, which is essential to corner the market. batteries that power electric cars — you know, the cars the Biden administration is promoting to Americans as gas prices soar.

In the other aforementioned CEFC deal, President Xi’s protege Ye Jianming first wooed Hunter with a 2.8-carat diamond, then paid him $1 million to portray Patrick Ho, a man Hunter described as the “f*** chief spy of China”. Ho was then under investigation by the FBI. He was eventually convicted of international bribery and money laundering, after which the Xi regime called Ye home. Hunter’s deep-pocketed partner was never seen again, while CEFC disappeared into bankruptcy.

So, doesn’t the President think the American people have a right to a thorough investigation into the Biden family’s suspected Chinese enrichment? Does this explain Biden’s weakness in the face of Beijing’s aggression?

Will the left-wing American press start asking questions?

Here’s another question I’d like to see the media start asking: Given the president’s enthusiastic support for the House January 6 committee, would he similarly support a committee on the Biden family’s propensity to profit from the political influence of Joe Biden?


If, as is likely, Republicans take control of the House next year, would Biden approve a committee hand-picked by the new president, dominated by opponents of Biden, and fully empowered to subpoena the officials of Biden and his family members, including their banking and telecommunications records? Would he waive any claim of executive privilege, would he?

I was just asking.


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