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Psychologists reveal simple solution to improve your sex life

Psychologists have revealed a surprising way to spice up your love life, and it only takes a few weeks a year.

According to national surveys, as many as one in seven married adults in the United States have little or no sex. While sex is by no means the only marker of a healthy relationship, physical intimacy is associated with greater emotional attachment and better overall mood, as well as better heart health and reduced heart rate. stress.

So what can you do to bring the spark back into the bedroom? According to new research, it could be as simple as going on vacation.

In a study published in the journal Empirical insights from the Annals of Tourism ResearchResearchers at Arizona State University studied the associations between self-aggrandizing vacation experiences and passion, physical intimacy, and relationship satisfaction.

The study consisted of two parts. In the first, 238 partners were asked a series of questions about their most recent vacation, including whether they had traveled with their partner and whether their vacation included “self-expansion experiences.” By this, researchers were referring to experiences that were new, interesting, exciting, or challenging. This might include things like visiting a new place, trying new foods, hiking a challenging trail, or learning a new sport.

couple laughing
Self-expanding experiences with your partner during the holidays can increase relationship satisfaction and physical intimacy, according to new research.


“These experiences don’t need to be extremely adventurous if extreme activities aren’t your thing,” said the study’s lead author, John Coffey, a psychology professor at Arizona State University, in a communicated. “Activities as simple as trying a challenging hike or a new local cuisine together are enough.”

Participants were then asked to rate their romantic passion and relationship satisfaction.

In the second part of the study, 204 couples were surveyed about their vacation habits and their overall satisfaction in their relationship.

Through these studies, the team found that partners who vacationed together at least twice a year and had more self-expanding experiences during their trip were more likely to report higher levels of relationship satisfaction. and intimacy, which lasted even after they returned home.

“An experiential vacation with your partner can improve your love life even after the vacation is over,” Coffey said. “Our research found that this was true regardless of the length of a couple’s relationship. So whether you’ve been together for a year or 30 years, traveling together and trying new things is a good way to keep the relationship going. intimacy and passion.”

The study authors wrote: “While we might expect that couples with higher-quality relationships would be more likely to vacation together, we should also recognize that less satisfied couples might miss out on opportunities to vacation together. “improve the quality of their relationship by taking less vacation or working independently.”