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Propagation of the Omicron variant: “Should the taboo on compulsory vaccination be lifted?”
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Propagation of the Omicron variant: “Should the taboo on compulsory vaccination be lifted?”
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On the front page of the press, this Tuesday, December 28, the reactions of the Arab press to the announcement, Sunday, of the doubling of the number of settlers in the Golan Heights annexed by Israel. The false promises of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on respect for human rights in his country. The French strategy against the Omicron variant. And the cutest baby orangutan.

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In the press this morning, the reactions of the Arab press to the announcement on Sunday of the plan to build new settlements in the Golan annexed by Israel.

Unsurprisingly, the announcement of the doubling, over 5 years, of the number of settlers in the region, aroused an outcry. Al-Baath, Syrian official journal cited by International mail, accuses Israel of seeking to “modify the demographic, geographic and legal status” of the Golan Heights, occupied in 1967 during the Arab-Israeli war, and annexed by the Jewish state in 1981. The daily promises that “the people of Golan, who has not given up his Syrian Arab identity, will not surrender and will continue his fight to bring down this colonial project ”- an accusation similar to that of the Egyptian daily Al-Dustour, who sees in the “sustainable development of the colonies” under the “expansionist” government of Naftali Bennett, “a plan to devour the rest of the occupied lands”, recalling that the Prime Minister had already affirmed, in October, that “the Golan (was) Israeli ”. A declaration in line with the decree signed in 2019 by former US President Donald Trump recognizing the sovereignty of the Hebrew state over this territory. A decree that the Biden Administration has neither revised nor rescinded since.

President Joe Biden also assured, last September, that part of the $ 300 million annual US military aid to Egypt would be conditional on respect for human rights. “Judging by the latest news from Egypt, the skeptics were right: the strategy (of President Adbel Fattah al-Sisi) in terms of human rights is to continue to violate them”, denounces The Washington Post, who takes as proof the conviction, last week, of three prominent activists to prison terms for “spreading false news undermining national security”. Sentences pronounced by one of the five exceptional courts authorized by the state of emergency, which President Sisi had ended on October 25, as a concession, precisely, to Washington. According to The Washington Post, Egyptian law allowed, however, the continuation of trials in special courts, started before that date. In total, according to the NGO Human Rights Watch, 48 people were thus designated to be tried by the special courts, shortly before the end of the state of emergency.

In France, the government announced yesterday its measures to fight against the progression of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The most drastic are ruled out for the moment. No curfew or confinement, but recourse to compulsory teleworking at least three days a week, when possible, gauges for gatherings and above all, acceleration of the vaccination campaign: Le Parisien / Today in France evokes the “French singularity” of the fight against the epidemic: no radical measure, unlike our neighbors. A choice which visibly satisfies the newspaper. The latter welcomes the government’s decision to maintain, “with constancy and a certain composure, its strategy of absolute priority for vaccination”. The cross also notes that France did not choose a “turn of the screw” before Christmas, which allowed many families to meet during the holidays, but is worried about the risk that it will cause a “Explosion of the epidemic in the coming weeks”, which would be synonymous with saturation of hospitals and / or embolism of the productive apparatus. The cross therefore proposes to the executive to “continue to encourage the French to be vaccinated”. Opinion goes beyond and calls for the end of the “taboo of compulsory vaccination”, by proposing to the government to “ignore loud voices confusing individual choices and endangering the lives of others, freedom of conscience and tyranny of the minority “.

We do not leave each other on this. To change your mind a little, I suggest you take a look at Guardian, which can be awarded the prize for the most beautiful photo of the year, that of a baby Sumatran orangutan, an endangered species. This baby, whose first name we do not yet know, was born on Christmas Eve, in a zoo in New Orleans, United States. According to the newspaper, fewer than 14,000 orangutans in Sumatra, Indonesia, still live in the wild and their numbers are dwindling as oil palm plantations nibble away at their habitat.

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