Private School Lies About Teaching Critical Race Theory

Maryvale Preparatory, a private Catholic school for girls in Baltimore, recently sent a letter to parents lying about the presence of Critical Race Theory in response to a Breitbart News article that exposed their diversity director for making racist remarks targeting white students.

The Breitbart News article cited videos featuring Kalea Selmon, the school’s diversity director, endorsing anti-white discrimination and advocating for segregation to protect non-white students from what she called “white gaze”.

Selmon shockingly endorses discrimination against white kids when she says “it’s absolutely okay to give black and brown students things you don’t give white kids.”

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In another video, Selmon discussed using racially exclusive affinity groups to find young activists, or as she calls them, “boots in the field.”

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A clip shows Selmon saying her work is driven by what she calls “70 0ver 460”, a reference to the “number of BIPOC students” at school.

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In an attempt to limit the damage, the chairman of the board and the school president emailed parents regarding the article.

The email, however, did not address racially inflammatory comments from their diversity director. Rather, the letter lied to parents about Critical Race Theory’s attendance at the school, claimed the article was inaccurate, and even said that Maryvale was being “unfairly treated”.

The letter claims, “The article erroneously suggests that Maryvale teaches critical race theory. We don’t.”

The Breitbart News article does not to suggest that Maryvale teaches critical race theory. He says it outright. The Breitbart News article reads unambiguously, “The school taught Critical Race Theory to his students.

The article cites lessons for middle schoolers such as “The Historical Construction of Race and Current Racial Identities Throughout American Society” and “Racism as America’s Primary ‘Institution’ – How We Can Combat systemic inequalities.

These lessons clearly seek to teach the core tenets of the CRT – that America and its institutions are systemically racist and that race itself is a social construct that has been used to maintain a hierarchy that privileges whites.

Breitbart News has reviewed even more school resources that prove Maryvale Preparatory is teaching critical race theory to its students. A school page website Note that “The Pollyanna program is introduced into the college curriculum.”

Pollyanna is an education company that has created “racial literacy programs” for middle and high school students.

An aspect of the study programme, aimed at eighth graders, is titled “Racism as America’s Primary ‘Institution’ – How We Combat Systemic Inequality.” In this program, “students will unpack sophisticated ideas like white privilege and white supremacy.”

Another part of the curriculum, aimed at sixth graders, is titled “The Historical Construction of Race and Current Racial Identities in American Society.” He asserts that “race is a social construct, designed to provide advantage to certain people and create disadvantaged status”. The program also cites infamous critical race theorist Robin DiAngelo as a source.

According Pollyanna’s websitetheir racial literacy program aims to encourage “a movement to empower people of color to reject racist socialization and to empower white people to be allies in racial justice work” as well as “challenging structures and practices of racial inequality and racist ideas that attribute inferiority to some and superiority to others.”

Pollyanna’s “Racial Literacy” program on critical race theory begins in kindergarten and goes to high school.

According to the Maryvale website, the school administration also took a course called “Factualitywhich describes itself as a “facilitated dialogue, crash course, and interactive experience, which simulates structural inequality, in America.”

Participants encounter “a series of fact-based benefits and limitations based on the intersection of their race, class, gender, faith, sexual orientation, age, and ability” , indicates the description.

As documented in the previous article, teachers at Maryvale Preparatory have undergone professional development training that teaches the principles of critical race theory, indicating that Selmon’s comments were not just offhand remarks, but rather part of a larger program.

Information on these two lessons – for middle school students and professional development sessions – has been archived here.

Breitbart News reviewed one of the professional development sessions, which is made available to teachers on the Maryvale website. The webinar was titled “Let’s Talk: Discussing Whiteness.” It was organized by Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A slide from the lesson asserts that “whiteness refers to an unmarked and nameless place of advantage, privilege, or dominance,” also calling it an “organizing principle that shapes institutions, policies, and social relations. “.

He also defines white privilege as “an invisible set of unearned assets that I can count on to cash in every day.”

The webinar then asks attendees, “What are some examples of lessons, media, literature, or art that you may have presented to students in a classroom that help them critically examine whiteness?”

An article about the training seminar was titled “Why talk about whitenessand claimed that “we can’t talk about racism without it”. The article goes on to claim, “It is impossible to see the privilege and dominance associated with white racial identity” unless we discuss whiteness.

One presenter hoped to turn attendees into awakened activists, remarking that “a positive white identity begins with acknowledging white privilege for sure, but it can’t stop there. This must lead to anti-racist action.

This is just one example of the Critical Race Theory inspired trainings that have been made available to teachers at Maryvale.

Four other workshops were attended by teachers in 2020, including one by the infamous Critical Race Theorist author of white fragility Robin DiAngelo titled “Healing the Racial Water: A Half-Day Anti-Racism Workshop with Dr. Robin DiAngelo.”

A the description of this session reads: “DiAngelo will explore topics such as white socialization, systemic racism, the breakdown of white solidarity, the specific ways in which racism manifests for white progressives…and white fragility.”

There is no denying that critical race theory is present at Maryvale Preparatory and informs the school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion curriculum and curriculum.

However, Maryvale’s letter did not just lie to parents about the presence of critical race theory. He also claimed that “Maryvale has been focused on creating an inclusive learning community”. The letter did not explain how Selmon’s goal of creating racially exclusive spaces to shield students from the “white gaze” of other students factored into building a racially inclusive environment.

Breitbart News has reached out to Maryvale Preparatory management for comment, asking what their message is to students and families who fear discrimination because of their race.

Maryvale did not respond to questions posed by Breitbart News, but instead provided a copy of a new email they sent to parents. This email had a markedly different tone from the first, which attempted to discredit the article highlighting Selmon’s comments.

The new email began by saying, “Last week has been incredibly difficult for all of us.” He went on to explain the steps Tracey Ford, the school president, will take to address the concerns of parents and students “in light of the legitimate concerns raised by our community.”

Ford said she will conduct “listening sessions” with students and parents and that she will “assume direct oversight of Maryvale’s justice, equity, diversity and inclusion efforts and that she will would find expert advisers”.

Ford also says it will “establish a diverse advisory group” that will “help guide us as we move forward.”

He went on, however, saying, “We must not let this current situation undo the good work that has been done by so many to advance our mission. And we must not let the forces divide our community.

Ford also told the community that they should expect more media coverage and told parents that “posting on social media tends to add warmth, not light, to most situation”.

The letter did not mention Kalea Selmon by name, or address the content of her comments, which expressed support for segregation and slandered white students. The letter also did not mention Critical Race Theory’s presence at the school.

Maryvale Preparatory School is associated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). This accrediting organization has a history of promoting both critical race theory and “queer inclusive” transgender ideology on young college students, as Breitbart News has investigated and documented. In fact, Selmon’s comments took place at a NAIS conference.

Maryvale Preparatory School received more than $1.2 million in federal money through the Paycheck Protection Program. The girls’ school is a 501c3.

A secret network of concerned parents called Undercover Mothers has formed to combat the indoctrination of students at the hands of the NAIS. The organization describes indoctrination in the private school system as a form of “elite capture”.

Following the Undercover Mothers revelations, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has pledged to investigate the NAIS if Republicans regain a majority in Congress. Banks specifically looked at the organization’s role in policy advocacy given its 501(c)(3) status as a nonprofit.

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