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Play-off: The TGB achieves the feat of eliminating Bourges and advances to the semi-final

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François Gomez’s daughters have struck a very big blow. They eliminated Bourges in the quarter-finals (87-69 and 98-83) and will meet Basket Landes in the semi-final of the play-offs.

Tarbes suffered, Tarbes trembled, but Tarbes qualified. At the end of an incredible scenario. 10 seconds from the end of the confrontation, the Bigourdanes’ lead – 18 points after the first leg – was reduced to one point (98-81). And Bourges has possession after a very strong defense from Duchet on Leite.

This same Alix Duchet has the winning shot two seconds from the final buzzer. She takes it, it bounces on the hoop. Dominique Malonga takes the rebound, gets the foul and two shots. She marks them. Bourges brings the ball up. Collie takes a shot. He also bounced on the hoop, Tarbes held on. And it’s deserved!

“Eye to eye”

For more than 30 minutes, Tarbes never seemed in danger. During the first half, Bourges Basket never exceeded a five-point lead (25-20, 9th). This leaves Tarbes with a thirteen point advantage.

Malonga is very dissuasive in the paint, Leite is in the oven and in the mill (26 points, 5 assists) and Foppossi the player at the start of the match (she scored ten of the first thirteen points).

The return match is excellent. With a lot of intensity, accuracy and technical quality, with two teams going blow for blow. But the suspense remained in the locker room. Bourges never seemed able to overturn this quarter-final during the first half.

And when Tarbes takes a seven-point lead (or 25 in total) at the start of the third act (47-54, 21st), the matter seems to be over.

Fierce resistance in the last quarter

Except that Bourges never gave up. Led by their pivot Kayla Alexander (24 points, 12 rebounds, including 9 offensive), the Tango made their more complete bench speak. They were also able to count on a great Alix Duchet, author of nine points in the last quarter. Tarbes sometimes panicked a little (12 balls lost in the last quarter), but held on.

Camille Droguet’s teammates will face Basket Landes in the semi-final. And marked the history of the LFB.

Bourges 98-Tarbes GB 83

MT: . QT: 28-25, 19-26, 23-17, 28-15.
Referees: MM. P. Antiphon, C. Carboni, S. Blondeau.
Bourges Basketball: 34 successful shots out of 82 (including 23/56 at three points); 19 successful free throws out of 24; 51 rebounds; 19 assists; 12 lost bullets; 12 interceptions; 4 blocks; 24 personal fouls.
Points: Steinberga 9, Nacickaite 12, Astier 12, Duchet 19, Alexender 24; Colley 13, Filip 2, Michel Boury (cap.) 0, Collin –, Spanou 6, Mann 1. Coach: O. Lafargue. Assistant: J. Authier, V. Abel

Tarbes Gespe Bigorre: 29 successful shots out of 62 (including 8/18 three-pointers); 17 successful free throws out of 25; 37 rebounds; 18 assists; 22 lost bullets; 6 interceptions; 5 blocks; 21 personal fouls.
Points: Leite 26, Foppossi 18, Kessler 8, Droguet (cap.) 8, Malonga 16; (then) Fora 2, Monasse –, Bobst –, Zodia 2, Pokk 3. Coach: F. Gomez. Assistant: L.Oustry.


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