Pit Bull getting ready for a -30C walk wearing socks and shoes melts hearts

A video of a woman preparing her dog for a walk in minus 30 degrees Celsius has gone viral on TikTok, with over 9.1 million views.

In the images, the American pit bull can be seen putting on winter clothes to go play in the snow. The caption reads, “She’s a drama queen if we don’t do this.”

Image of a chocolate labrador in the snow. Dogs can enjoy the winter weather, but care should be taken to ensure they don’t develop hypothermia or frostbite.
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TikToker Moira Bryan, based in Alberta, Canada, can be seen outfitting her dog with socks, a hoodie, boots, a vest and a fleece hat to protect her from freezing temperatures . One user commented, “When you have to go out at -30 but you’re not a husky.”

According to HuskyAdvisor.com, huskies can withstand temperatures as cold as -60 degrees Fahrenheit (-51 degrees Celsius), although they can feel the cold and often need to develop a tolerance for these temperature extremes.

The Smithsonian Magazine reports online that modern sled dogs from across the Arctic can trace their ancestry all the way back to Siberia,” according to a new genetic study that ties in with archaeological evidence. Today’s familiar breeds such as huskies and malamutes descend from a lineage that was well established in Siberia 9,500 years ago and has been essential to human survival in the Arctic ever since.”

Extreme weather conditions shouldn’t stop your dog from getting the exercise and exposure they need. However, various precautions must be taken to prevent your pet from developing certain weather conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite.

Animal welfare magazine offers the following tips to keep your dog safe in the cold.

Limit the time they spend outdoors

“Just like us, pets can fall victim to frostbite. To avoid this painful injury, don’t let your pup stay outside for more than a few minutes, especially if the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius) Even if your dog is conditioned for the cold, it’s best to save those long walks for warmer days.”

Clear a path for them in the yard

“If the snow is deep, shoveling a small path and space in the back yard will make his potty breaks much more comfortable. These clearances will also prevent him from getting ice and snowballs between his pads, which can be painful!”

Keep them on a leash

“Winter presents many dangers that can harm a raging dog. Frozen ponds, for example, may not be frozen enough to support your pup if he decides to go for a walk on the ice. Avalanches are another threat very real in places. Plus, if his nose gets the better of him, he could get lost, a tragedy you don’t want to experience at any time of the year, let alone when the temperatures are below zero.”

TikTokers were thrilled with the pit bull’s cold weather gear, with user britt writing, “The little hat just made my day.”

Sky Cameron commented: “Thank you so much for keeping your pet safe, few people know or even know about the environmental hazards to their pets as the seasons change.”

TikToker karrenaxoxo wrote that “it’s a fight to bring my husky home because he just REFUSES to wish I could dress him cute and hot like that!!”


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