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Paris 2024: “Break their faces!” Alexander Lukashenko urges his athletes to show that they are “real Belarusians” during the Olympics

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The President of Belarus proposed, this Tuesday, April 30, a sporting guideline to the women and men who will represent the country during the Olympic Games in France (July 26-August 11). They will compete under a neutral banner, provided they have not openly supported the Russian attack on Ukraine.

“If you have made your choice and you go there under neutral status, beat them up, show them that you are a real Belarusian.” It is with these words, made public through a press release this Tuesday, April 30, that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko transmitted his encouragement to the women and men who will represent the country during the next Olympic Games in France ( July 26-August 11).

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According to a decision of the International Olympic Committee, taken last March due to the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Russian and Belarusian athletes will not parade during the opening ceremony, they will have to participate under a neutral banner provided they do not have openly supported Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the anthems of the two countries will not sound in the event of a gold medal.

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“It’s up to the athlete to choose. If he decides to participate in the Olympics, he will be even fiercer” supported Alexander Lukashenko in person, when asked about this participation under a neutral banner during an official trip. “Because you understand that state of mind and anger are not of minor importance in sport. You are Belarusian and when you emerge victorious, it is a good way for us to punch them in the face at politically.”

Currently, only 7 Belarusian athletes have qualified for the Games.


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