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of users report unbearable levels of lag

So there, things are rocking with the Nintendo Switch which made portable gaming possible, and since then, all brands have been trying to copy this lucrative feat. The Steam Deck was rather well received, but brands like PlayStation are also in the running with the PS Portal… and reactions are mixed.

It’s normal for there to be bugs right after launch, unlike PS Plus which should be flawless at this point. However, some users are reporting unbearable levels of lag, as seen on social media.

Let Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 put all your fears about PS Portal to rest, at least for now!

Twitter user @PowerstancePino shared a video showing the very laggy operation of Horizon Forbidden West on the PS console, and we must admit that it doesn’t make you want it. When you’re just walking around, the lag, although annoying, isn’t too disabling. But during a fight, it is much more problematic for the character.

The main question now that these videos are circulating is: is this what we would expect? Not only because the PS Portal is a new device, but also because wifi can be unreliable when trying to play remotely. “I’m afraid that a lot of people who don’t really understand what PlayStation Portal is will have this kind of experience,” said @ItsMrProducts in response to the Twitter post. “Remote Play has always been unstable for me, despite an internet connection of 140 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up. »

With the Switch, the games are with you, whether digital download or on a card, but with remote play, you stream them to your device – like when you stream PS games instead of taking the time to download them fully, lag will occur because it is an unstable platform. Even more so for a technology that has recently arrived on the market.

Let’s take this into consideration though, with Sony’s marketing touting this as an “immersive” experience, it’s not a good sign if players can’t fully immerse themselves in the game because it plays like a PS1 title. You could say this is another blow for Sony, after PS Plus fans threatened to cancel their subscriptions after another poor game selection. Fortunately, lag is not a problem for all users, offering some small hope.

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