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Noël Le Graët writes to the Argentine Federation to denounce the attacks against Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé and Didier Deschamps, on December 19 in Paris during their reception by the public, Place de la Concorde.

Kylian Mbappé and Didier Deschamps, on December 19 in Paris during their reception by the public, Place de la Concorde. JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP

Since Sunday evening and the Albiceleste’s third world title, Kylian Mbappé has become the face of the Argentine supporters (and certain players).

Noël Le Graët, for once, reacted quickly. In an interview published Thursday, December 22 on the “Ouest-France” website “, the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) explained that he had written to his Argentine counterpart to denounce the attitude and comments of some of the players and the Argentine public towards Kylian Mbappé since the final lost by the Blues last Sunday.

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“I wrote a letter to my counterpart in the Argentine Federation, I find these excesses abnormal, in the context of a sporting competition, and I find it difficult to understand. This goes too far. Mbappé’s behavior was exemplary,” explained Le Graët – weakened by an audit and control mission within the French Football Federation (FFF) whose conclusions are expected in February.

Bad taste chambering

What does the French football boss blame the Messi gang? It is true that since their third coronation obtained this weekend in Qatar, the teammates of the Pulga (who plays with Mbappé at PSG) neither stand out for their fair play nor for their finesse. In this regard, Emiliano Martniez, the Argentinian goalkeeper, particularly stood out by multiplying the gestures of bad taste and the provocations towards the French striker – who nevertheless scored a hat-trick then a penalty during the training session. shots on goal, not enough to triumph.

We remember in particular his gesture when receiving the title of best goalkeeper of the competition after the final (he carried his trophy at the level of the genitals, very classy) or, a few days later, the doll to the effigy of Mbappé that the Argentinian goalkeeper carried with him on an imperial bus through the streets of Buenos Aires. There, visibly very proud of his find, Emiliano Martinez was also filmed repeating the same obscene gesture with the “Mbappé doll”, before putting his finger to his mouth, as if to ask his supporters not to tell this story. umpteenth manifestation of hostility.

But Emiliano Martinez is not the only one. Since the Albiceleste victory, other videos have appeared showing how the Argentinians, more generally, seem to have taken a dislike to Mbappé. Could it be because the French player, a few months with the World Cup, had allowed himself to compare the level of the European and South American teams?

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In several videos, widely relayed on social networks, we can notably see the players of the Argentinian team, in their locker room, asking “ a minute of silence for Mbappé » or even individuals wearing the Argentina jersey burning a sign on which appears the name of the French attacker in the town of Diamante, in the north of the country. Quite frequent behavior unfortunately, as demonstrated by a duplex of a BFMTV journalist on site at the beginning of last week, constantly interrupted by insults, sometimes racist, against the French attacker.

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