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Neymar, farewell to a legend

A true star of Brazilian sport, Bruno Mossa de Rezende, known as Bruninho, said goodbye to his Modena team. The 2010 volleyball world champion was greeted by Neymar.

It’s a long love story that has just ended in the Italian volleyball championship. Modena player for seven years (with several cuts), Bruninho is leaving. The Brazilian smuggler, now aged thirty-seven, has decided to turn the page and most likely return to play in Brazil for Vôlei Renata. In the meantime, he made his departure official by posting a message on Instagram and he was praised by many fans. Among them, a certain Neymar sent him a message.

On his social networks, the former Paris Saint-Germain player wrote a short text in tribute to his compatriot. “ Congratulations on your visit to Modena. You made history, as always. I’m your fan. Good luck for your new stage. I love you, my brother. » A mark of attention which inevitably touched Bruninho, and the latter did not fail to relay this message on his own networks.

A crazy track record

Double Italian champion (2016, 2019), triple winner of the Italian Cup (2015, 2016, 2020), winner of the Italian Super Cup (2015) and a Champions League (2019), Bruninho has an unparalleled track record. And since he played in Brazil for a long time before heading to Europe, he was, for example, crowned Brazilian champion with four different teams.


And it’s not just at club level that the Brazilian has won almost everything. Because in the selection, he also had a string of successes. So much so that he won a world championship (2010) in which he was also a finalist twice. In 2016, he won Olympic gold, he has won four World Leagues, a Nations League, two World Cups (2017, 2019), and many other titles. Still thirsty for victories, Bruninho will continue to delight his supporters and Neymar.


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