‘My Son Hunter’ is ‘an absolutely brilliant movie, everyone needs to watch this’

Steve Bannon, former Trump White House chief strategist and host of the popular “War Room” podcast, saw my hunter son and its verdict is unqualified praise, calling it an “absolutely brilliant film” that “everyone must watch”.

“Absolutely awesome movie. Everyone needs to watch this,” Bannon said during an interview Friday on his “War Room” podcast with my hunter son star Laurence Fox, who plays Hunter Biden in the film.

Bannon, himself an accomplished documentary filmmaker, also praised my hunter son director Robert Davi, calling the iconic actor (Goonies, License to kill, die hard) a “national asset” that is “underused”.

“Let’s say this: you’ll watch it multiple times,” Bannon said of my hunter son, which is now available for streaming and download. “It’s so good and it’s kind of fascinating. And the reason is that it’s not totally linear, and it’s not quite digital painting. And that’s why I think it’s so deep.

He added: “It’s incredibly entertaining, but there are deep lessons there and a lot of information.”

The public seems to agree with Bannon’s assessment, giving my hunter son a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes as establishment critics continue to trash it as part of the news media’s desperate bid to keep the Hunter Biden scandal buried.

my hunter son Star Laurence Fox recently said he wears the film’s negative reviews as a “badge of honour.” Meanwhile, a number of other outlets have raved about the film, including The old times, Hot airand CINEMA GUIDE.

“You would have thought that Hollywood would have been everywhere [the Hunter Biden story]”, Fox told Bannon, adding that many UK outlets continue to deny the authenticity of the laptop from hell.

“I’m very concerned about the state of Western civilization, in general, which seems to be destroying itself from within, and the Bidens seem to be getting away with it unscathed as Americans have spent four years trying to impeach a legitimate president. elected.”

This concern over the apparent lack of consequences for Hunter Biden’s corruption scandals – even as the Trump family finds itself at the center of what many have called a ‘witch hunt’ – was also noted by SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly in an interview this week. “Lots of indictments against Trump — not one against Hunter Biden,” Kelly joked on his show Thursday.

But Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, sees movies like my hunter son as heralding a turning point by highlighting the corruption that will become the focus of action if Republicans regain control of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

“This will be the second impeachment article on Biden,” Bannon said.

Vice President Joe Biden (R) speaks as his son, Hunter Biden, looks on April 12, 2016, in Washington, DC. (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for the World Food Program USA)



Although the film is a dramatization, my hunter son is based on solid information about Biden family corruption from public records. The film’s screenwriter Brian Godwa highlighted this fact in an interview with the UK Daily Mail.

“I pulled dialogue from actual incidents or documents, transcripts or emails reported in the media as the base language of the Hunter and Joe characters, many of which are actual quotes,” Godawa said. “And many of them were taken from Hunter’s actual emails from his laptop. I drew inspiration from Hunter’s eulogy for his brother Beau for his own depiction of his relationship in the film.

Investigative author Peter Schweizer, whose bestselling books were the first to document Biden family corruption, also attested to the film’s authenticity and its damning accusation of Biden family corruption, as Breitbart reported:

During a panel discussion on the film on Truth Social, Schweizer called my hunter son an “abridged version” of his best-selling 300-page book chronicling Biden family corruption.

“I think what people are going to get in this movie is information pulled from the pages of my book and turned into flesh,” Schweizer said.

In fact, Schweizer said the truth about Hunter Biden’s corruption seems almost too outrageous for fiction.

“It’s such an amazing story in a way,” Schweizer said. “I mean, imagine if you were a screenwriter, and you went to see producers in Los Angeles and you said, ‘Hey, I have this movie idea. It will be [about] the Vice President’s son. He will take tens of millions of dollars from the Chinese. He’s gonna get addicted to coke. And then he’s going to leave his laptop with a repairman. And this thing goes [be made public], but the mainstream media will try to cover it up. I mean, the producers would laugh you out of the room. Yet, that is exactly what happened.

Fox said he approached the role of Hunter Biden with empathy but not necessarily sympathy.
“I tried to make him human, to humanize him, but at the same time show the horrible things he did for the welfare and prosperity of the United States.”

Indeed, many scenes in the film depict real events in Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings with foreign powers.

As Breitbart News has reported in a long series of articles outlining the facts behind the film, factual scenes include Hunter Biden taking $5 million as part of a deal with his Chinese business associate Patrick Ho; and Hunter signing a $1.5 billion deal with a Bank of China subsidiary just 12 days after visiting China with his father, who was vice president at the time.

my hunter son, which marks Breitbart’s expansion into film distribution, was brought to the screen by producers Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney (Gosnel film, Inseparable from the FBI: Undercovers).

McAleer and McElhinney’s Unreported Story Society funded the film’s $2.3 million budget from 30,000 donors, a fact which McAleer says proves the public’s desire to see this story told.

The film stars Laurence Fox (Victoria, Inspector Lewis, The Professor and the Fool) as Hunter Biden; Gina Carano (The Mandalorian, dead Pool, Flight) as a Secret Service agent; and John James (Dynasty) like Joe Biden.

my hunter son is available CURRENTLY for streaming and downloading on MySonHunter.com.

The trailer below has been viewed nearly 5 million times on social media.

Watch the trailer:

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