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Massimiliano Allegri in front of the press before the Italian Cup semi-final return | Juventus-fr.com

Juventus travels to the Stadio Olimpico tomorrow to face Lazio in the semi-final second leg of the Italian Cup. Massimiliano Allegri spoke to the press on the eve of this match.

This upcoming match against Lazio:

We are going to find a Lazio who will play a very aggressive game, they will have to recover two goals. This changes compared to Sarri’s team, they are more aggressive, tomorrow is a very difficult match. In or out of play. We will need a great match. Tomorrow is completely different from Cagliari. Let’s put that aside, we saw everything that was wrong. We will find a different team, who will attack us. We will have to be good, lucid, play with personality when we have the ball. The team will be motivated, we have a goal to achieve and we must make a great effort. You should not think and believe that it is easy. It will be long, we will have to fight, play well technically. Play as a team, for all 100 minutes, whatever they may be. Who will be on the pitch and who will be on the bench. »

The Italian Cup is a goal:

We started this year with two goals. We are third in the standings, but there is still a long way to go, there are still many direct confrontations. And achieve the goal of the Italian Cup. Tomorrow we will understand if we were good enough to go to the final or not. Then the championship, a few points to reach the goal. I always say that when you play, you play to get the maximum results. If you get results you are good, if you get less you are less good. We must focus on the goals for which we play and work. This last month we decide on championships, cups, places in the Champions League. Here we are. This is the most important moment. We haven’t reached the Champions League or Coppa Italia final yet. »

We must seize the opportunity to reach the final:

It’s not the Coppa Italia that counts. You have to play to win, to get the most. We must have an ambition so great that it takes us beyond values. Tomorrow we have the possibility of going to the final. The club gave us very specific instructions. And the fact that Juventus must and can have the possibility of going to the Champions League. Going to the final would mean going to the Super Cup, in the big teams we play to win trophies. In big teams, we play to win trophies. You have to have ambition and live with pressure. This is the beauty of a strong team. »

The fear of not winning anything this season?

You do not have to be afraid. Football always gives you opportunities. You have to live with the desire, the desire to play this final. We have the chance to play against Lazio, knowing the team we are going to face and having the desire to go to the final. If the others are good, we will applaud. If not, we will leave. »

Kenan Yildiz’s progress:

Less light? This is a path for all players. He has extraordinary qualities. I’ll give an example: I don’t think this year’s Bremer will be like last year’s. At Juve, the jersey weighs heavier, especially in moments when the matches are heavy. I said it a long time ago. After a year and a half, it’s the period when the matches are the heaviest which make you grow, which make you play at Juventus. There are goals, there is a different pressure. You have to get used to working, it is through these matches that the players grow. »

Federico Chiesa is an important player:

He always made the most important actions, even on Friday in Cagliari. He provided an assist to Vlahovic in the 19th minute. They are all important. Today I will evaluate the workout. Tomorrow we will need a lot of substitutions, we will have to fight for the match. It will be long. »


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