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Man returns to nursing home 9 years later, can’t believe his cat is still there

A Reddit user returning to a nursing home to visit a family member was greeted by a furry visitor he had met nine years earlier.

Adam, known on Reddit as adamchain, first visited the nursing home outside Philadelphia when his grandmother was staying there. Just around the time she moved into the facility, the nursing home added a resident cat named Ginger.

Nine years later, Adam goes to the same nursing home to visit his great-uncle, who now lives there. And to his surprise, Ginger the orange cat never left.

He took to Reddit to share his joy in a post last Monday. The caption reads: “Look who’s still here.”

Cat resident in retirement home
The resident cat of a retirement home. This cat has lived at the retirement home for over nine years.


Ginger’s photos showed he was serious. He had to go around to all the residents, bringing them love, hugs and comfort. And it’s not like he doesn’t get anything in return. There is no doubt that Ginger receives all the attention her little heart could want from residents and visitors.

Adam said News week via Reddit, he was shocked to see Ginger, but “It was so nice to see him again.” He’s a familiar, friendly face that his grandmother and great-uncle have gotten to know over the years.

His Reddit post, shared on the subreddit page r/aww, received more than 8,600 likes and 109 comments. Users were delighted to see Ginger still performing so well.

“Nine years? He’s got a lot of time left and I’m pretty sure he’s loved and cared for by everyone around him,” one Reddit user commented.

Someone else pointed out: “The positive effects that can come from a senior’s interaction with an animal are impressive! There was a dog in my father’s assisted living facility that was a character. Ginger is a beautiful kitten.

Benefits of Pets for Seniors

Although cats have a positive impact on people’s lives, this is especially true for older adults. American Humane said cats can help improve the health and mood of older adults.

Older people often feel lonely after they retire, lose a spouse, or if their children move away. Some might be depressed. However, studies have shown that pets can help older adults overcome loneliness and depression through affection, companionship and entertainment. Pets can give them a sense of responsibility.

Just as pets help mentally, they can also help physically. Cats require little care, but they still give their older owners much-needed exercise. Seniors will need to pick up their litter boxes, feed them and give them fresh water. Additionally, cats will give their owners a sense of routine, which will provide them with mental stimulation.

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