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MAGA Pastor’s Bizarre Explanation After Getting Jim Jordan’s Prophecy Wrong

Pastor Shane Vaughn, a supporter of former President Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, recently offered a strange explanation for failing to correctly predict the new Republican House Speaker.

Republicans elected Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the new House speaker on Wednesday after several failed attempts to fill the role after ousting Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the speakership earlier this month. Attempts to elect Rep. Jim Jordan, who was the former GOP chairman-elect and supported by Trump, failed three consecutive times before Johnson’s election.

Vaughn, of First Harvest Ministries in Waveland, Mississippi, prophesied last week that Jordan would become president because it was “Yahweh’s plan” for Trump to control the House with Jordan as his “proxy.” When Johnson was elected this week, Vaughn insisted his prophecy hadn’t failed, bizarrely claiming that “Mike Johnson IS Jim Jordan.”

In a video clip shared Thursday on ” from Jordan, at one point referring to the new Speaker of the House as “Mike Jordan.”

Supporters of former President Donald Trump pray outside the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta on August 24. MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn argued this week that his prophecy that Trump would control the House of Representatives through Jim Jordan’s “proxy” as president came true because “Mike Johnson is Jim Jordan.”
Jessica McGowan

“Mike Johnson is Jim Jordan because he’s Jim Jordan’s protégé,” Vaughn explains. “The difference between Mike and Jim is that Jim has a lot of haters…only because Jim Jordan has been in the spotlight…while Mike Jordan hasn’t.”

“Mike Johnson IS Jim Jordan,” he continues. “He tells everyone that Jim Jordan is his mentor. And every time someone is your mentor, you become his double.”

News week On Friday, he contacted Johnson and Jordan’s offices via email for comment.

After Jordan was named speaker last week, Vaughn quickly declared victory. The pastor celebrated by boasting that he could “see the news behind the news” and repeatedly sang, “I told you so!” He also suggested that what he assumed was Jordan’s impending presidency meant that “literally, Donald Trump is the Speaker of the House.”

Last year, Vaughn suggested God removed Trump from the White House as part of a “brilliant” plan to allow President Joe Biden to “bear the curse” in his absence. He predicted that Trump would win the 2024 presidential election and “undo the damage” before choosing a successor who would help usher in “12 years of Trumpism to repair this nation.”

In 2021, Vaughn argued that Facebook’s decision to suspend Trump’s account was “the same mistake Satan made when he killed Jesus Christ”, saying the social media company had “created a world full of little Christians who echo the message of Christ” by suspending the ex-president. Meta, meanwhile, restored Trump’s account earlier this year.

In addition to preaching about Trump, Vaughn claimed earlier this year that Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania had been “used” by Satan to maintain control of the Senate, saying that Fetterman’s hospital treatment for depression meant that “Satan in was done with him.” and had decided to “send him to the insane asylum” after the 2022 midterm elections.