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Lorient – ​​Toulouse: proof by seven for the TFC or how Toulouse residents can always dream of Europe

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The draw conceded at the end of added time and in an improbable manner against OM eight days ago on Sunday April 21 did not alter the enthusiasm of the Toulouse residents. Grabbing the famous seventh place, most certainly European, is still possible. This will require success at the penultimate Lorient this Sunday afternoon. Kick-off: 3 p.m.

The science of numbers. In money-time, today it is sometimes more useful to use a mathematician specializing in probability than a technician renowned for his art of mental coaching. The proof: while there are 12 points left to distribute before the curtain falls, Sunday May 19 at the Stadium against the Brest pirates of the L1, Toulouse remains “torn”. Not yet saved, still on track to qualify. We first talk about maintenance, then the European Cup. So be it in this championship narrowed to 18 teams…

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“There is no calculation to be made, says Carles Martinez Novell straight away. Arithmetically we could settle the story this weekend, yes. But, insists the Catalan, the objective remains to collect as much as possible of points to be as high as possible.”

The Violets continue to look at the peaks, not the abysses

Clearly, Violets raise their heads more than they lower them; they look at the peaks, not the abysses.

“We are approaching this match in Lorient as a final, explains Martinez Novell. If we had won against Marseille (Marseille equalizer 2-2 at 90+6), of course these two additional units would have changed a lot of things (the Tef would now be 3 points away from a continental ticket). It doesn’t matter, we’re going to give it our all because, with a victory in Brittany, anything is possible: we can finish 7th!are.”

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That’s it, it’s released: the people of Toulouse have officially entered the race for Europe – Liverpool, Benfica… they have taken such a liking to it this year. A short break is necessary to clarify the contours of the 2024-2025 UEFA regulations – updated this Friday. By keeping it short and therefore simple, the 7e Championship place will entitle you to a European folding seat (Conference League play-offs) if the winner of the Coupe de France finishes in the top 6 of L1.

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In this case, if Paris-SG beats Lyon. Or if OL achieves the feat against PSG and, at the same time, climbs three ranks (9e currently, 5pts from 6e Lens). In short: even if the second scenario seems more risky, we therefore understand the strong interest for a cohort of clubs, including Toulouse FC, in aiming for this 7e position.

It’s at the end of the ball that we pay the musicians

“Everything is extremely tight,” says Moussa Diarra. “You see clearly: we were just talking about ensuring our presence in Ligue 1 and then, the next question, we talk about the continental games. Really, what I think is that ‘you don’t have to worry too much otherwise you’ll lose your football. Let’s play and we’ll see. Lorient then Montpellier the derby at home and finish in style at home in front of Brest. will take out the calculator, then it will be time to do the accounts.”

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It’s at the end of the ball that we pay the musicians, as the other would say. The TFC coach also knows his part, which he intends to play to the fullest on his team’s last four outings. More and more… granted. “The coach manages to keep everyone connected. He has this ability to create links between us. The XI changes, notes the Malian defender, the identity remains. It’s our strength.”

In these conditions, let’s go to Brittany and win!


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