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Liberal Journalists Promote Column Condemning “Bilateralism”: “Every Political Journalist Should Read This”

Reporters from several media outlets backed calls to end “both sides” in the media with even harsher treatment of Republicans after another columnist decried the overly critical coverage of Democrats.

Los Angeles Times columnist Jackie Calmes published an opinion piece titled “Why Journalists Fail at Public Political Coverage with“ Both Sides. ”Calmes, a New York Times reporter before joining the Los Angeles Times, denounced the “journalistic pressure” to produce apparently balanced articles that prevent journalists from reporting what she called “the new truth”.

She targeted journalists who “critically focus on President Biden and the Democrats” as opposed to “Republicans’ obstructions.”

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To the extent, then, that journalists and pundits critically focus on President Biden and Democrats and overlook Republicans’ obstructions – as if Trumpism’s cancer is in remission, if not cured – it indeed distorts the reality and disserves readers, listeners and viewers, ”Calmes wrote.

Calmes has repeatedly criticized Republicans, warning that “democracy is literally at stake” surrounding recent GOP election laws.

“This is a Republican party that doesn’t really want to rule or solve the real problems of the nation, as opposed to bogus problems like Critical Race Theory,” Calmes wrote.

She concluded her op-ed: “You can’t expect Democrats to treat these guys like they’re on the same level. Journalists shouldn’t cover them like they are either.”

Various journalists or former journalists expressed their support for the editorial and also condemned so-called “bilateralism” in the reports.

New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer tweeted: “A good point from longtime reporter @JackieCalmes: Much of the political coverage is missing is that one party is even trying to govern.”


New York Times Magazine writer Nikole Hannah-Jones added: “Every political reporter should read this and the book ‘How Democracies Die.’

Former NPR Vice President Bill Buzenberg tweeted: “Big edition of Op Ed – important message for every reporter. to interview.”

He was also praised by liberal CNN White House correspondent John Harwood and leftist commentator Jay Rosen. Both praised NBC’s Lester Holt this year when he proclaimed earlier this year that “fairness is overrated” in journalism.

“I think it has become clear that fairness is overrated… The idea that we should always give both parties equal weight and equal merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in,” Holt said.

The liberal team of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter proclaimed it to be a “scathing criticism of the opposition at once.”

Fox News reported earlier this year of the growing tendency for journalists to cast the guise of objectivity to applause from fellow liberal media figures.


“I think it’s a trend, and it frankly started with Trump even before all that election stuff,” a network reporter told Fox News Digital at the time.

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