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Let the Resale Market for Wedding Set Take Root and Blossom

Amitabh Bachchan wins a mention every week! Its latest is Manyavar, the bridal ensemble brand. It’s not cheap; Neither does Amitabh. Its base price for a decent ensemble is around Rs 15,000. the regional or linguistic division. But I didn’t see my relatives wearing them the second time around. And that seems to be the universal parenting experience. Maybe they look out of place on other joyful occasions despite their glamour. Possible barbed comments from guests in a mood of gay abandonment could be the repellent. Whatever.

I guess something similar must be the case with the bridal ensemble, though I’m admittedly out of my depth on this issue, except that most of the sparkly jewelry a bride adorns herself with languishes in her bank records after marriage. In Chennai, “cover up” jewelry has been accepted by thousands of middle class families. My limited understanding is that they are silver ornaments covered in gold. Covering jewelry stores also offer their products for hire.

A pragmatic and fearless groom told me that he sold his Manyavar set on Quikr the day after his wedding. May his tribe grow. If it were to perpetually hang from its wardrobe, it would be a colossal waste, in addition to suffering the ravages of pests and time.

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In the United States, after graduation, students gather for the hood ceremony – the American for convocation. The ensemble, complete with a flowing black dress, tie and headwear, costs a fortune – almost $150. Many students give or sell them to their friends in second or third year. Because, like ethnic wedding costumes, convocation outfits cannot be worn a second time either.

We know which products to use and which to throw away. But wedding sets are single-use, throw-away products. They cannot be thrown away for two reasons: their high price and their sickening sentimentality. Intrepid youngsters who sell on Quikr must be devoid of such soft feelings. Families who swear by frugality and instill it in children as they grow up are even more practical – they avoid extravagance and miss out on 30 minutes of fame. They are content with a simple wedding ceremony with the amount thus saved handed over in the form of fixed bank deposit receipts to their children.

But that’s easier said than done for the majority who revel in the moment. For them, you have to think of ready-to-use solutions. Why aren’t the glittering fashion houses offering to buy back the wedding ensemble at a price that increases every week, if not every day? Namely, a full groom set with the Jodhpuri slipper costing Rs 15,000 could net the buyer Rs 10,000 if returned within a week, and if returned within a fortnight, say Rs 9,000, And so on. It would be a win-win for both. The seller knows how to dry clean recycled clothes in record time.

If the market for wedding sets caught people’s imagination, there could be a separate showroom for these products that would intuitively be flocked by pragmatic and price-conscious buyers. People do not hesitate to buy durable goods in “secondary” stores. Maruti True Value is a thriving brand for aspiring car owners short on funds for new vehicles. Online platforms would be more discreet for those who want to save themselves the blushes. Pickup can be discreetly arranged from the doorstep of the newlyweds!

Jewelers can compete with “cover” stores by offering authentic, pure, and sparkling jewelry for rent to brides with appropriate warranties to ensure safe return. While resale is appropriate for clothes given the relatively low initial investment, it will not be suitable for expensive jewelry given that putting up Rs 15 lakh a week before the wedding and getting back Rs 10 lakh a week afterwards is not palatable. live. When you sell your jewelry, the cunning goldsmith hammers in the price, citing “waste.” Not all jewelry sold in the country is hallmarked.

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