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Laughs as cat closely monitors favorite toy after losing it

A video of a cat appearing very protective of its favorite toy has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip was shared by @yukiandtheboys, the TikTok account of four cats called Ushi, Yuki, Kona and Eleanor, and has been viewed more than 568,000 times since it was first posted on September 5.

A message superimposed on the video reads: “His favorite toy was lost for a few days (under the oven)… he can’t risk losing it again, so he is under close surveillance.”

The footage shows a cat sitting in an empty bathtub, looking at a small stuffed toy on the bathtub floor. The camera zooms in on the feline, as he looks back once before the clip ends.

A caption shared with the post reads: “Until we know how this ended up under the oven, we can’t trust anyone (it was him and it’s not the first time).”

The cat’s devotion to his favorite toy in the last article is understandable, because small objects, such as mouse-shaped plush toys, ping-pong balls, motorized chase toys or even crumpled paper, ” can provide hours of entertainment for cats,” according to veterinarian Ellen Lindell. Debra Horwitz and Gary Landsberg said in an article for VCA, the veterinary hospital chain.

They explained: “Cats are natural hunters and will stalk, chase, pounce and capture anything that moves. » Most felines enjoy a variety of toys that they can chase, search, attack and carry.

Providing something new can help increase the value of a toy and pique your cat’s interest. So it’s good to keep an assortment of 20 cat toys on hand, offering your feline only four or five toy options at a time, they advised.

It’s also important to “monitor your cat while it plays to ensure it does not consume any non-food toys,” veterinarians warn.

‘So smart’

Several TikTok users were amused by the cat’s reaction in the latest viral clip.

Lacie wrote, “I’m so happy they’re reunited!” and the original poster replied “It’s been a rough few days.”

User @febriani0704 said “he’s so smart” and user 4087148682820 said the cat must think the toy “isn’t going anywhere now”.

User @hyoyo789 said “he literally took the word ‘keep an eye’ on it.”

User Joce wrote: “So cute, cats are unreal.”

Rimae noted the “quick worried look at you.”

Emily also pointed out “the way he quickly looked back to make sure the object was still there.”

User @lucyissick said: “He immediately looks back to see if he’s still there.”

News week contacted the original poster for comment via TikTok.

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Image of a cat playing with a small stuffed toy on a sofa. A video of a cat keeping “close surveillance” of its favorite toy has gone viral on TikTok.
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