‘Kaleidoscope’ Creator Reflects on Leo’s Fate and His Plans for Season 2

by Netflix Kaleidoscope is like an elaborate puzzle waiting to be solved – put all the pieces together in the right way and you’ll get the big picture.

The drama, which premiered on New Years Day, takes place over 24 years and follows the planning and execution of a bank robbery led by Leo Pap (Giancarlo Esposito), who assembles a team to crack the safe “unbreakable” safe by Roger Salas (Rufus Sewell).

This is the streamer’s first non-linear experience, which means viewers can watch episodes in any order, and as such there are some key moments they may miss at first.

Show creator Eric Garcia said Newsweek on the show’s subtle easter eggs and what he thinks viewers should focus on regarding Leo’s fate in the episode “Pink,” which takes place six months after the heist.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the “Kaleidoscope” episode “Pink”.

The “Kaleidoscope” Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

In this composite image, Giancarlo Esposito and Tati Gabrielle portray Leo Pap and Hannah Kim in “Kaleidoscope.” Show creator Eric Garcia spoke to Newsweek about Leo’s fate in the episode “Pink” and his thoughts on the second season.

Garcia is a big fan of heist movies, he said, and so every episode of Kaleidoscope pays homage to classics of the genre including his favorite French film from 1955 Rifify.

“Each episode, I would say, has its own tribute connection,” the creator explained. “For me, the granddaddy of all heist movies is Rifify, which I think is holding up so well 60 years later. It’s crazy how consistently good this movie is, and ‘White’ (the series finale) is kind of a giant nod to Rifify, and they each have their own things that they do.”

Garcia explained that the series contains many subtle easter eggs, which viewers don’t necessarily focus on initially: “There are a lot of names, like in ‘Yellow’, look at the names of the stores they walk into, look at the name of Leo’s boat.

“Most of the things that are named are usually references, have references to themselves or something else on the show.”

He continued: “There are little things, I mean there are things that are ridiculous like you have to stop the picture [to see them] and there is a hex code in the show somewhere where if you stop the picture on it [it’ll appear]stuff like that.

“It’s pretty silly but that’s part of the fun of the game, it means we’re making a show that in a way is half super fun. […] and then there are people like me who want to get in there and figure it out, and find out the little details, and who are really super cheesy about it, which is my favorite thing.”

Garcia explained that while he was eager to see how viewers react to hidden details and Easter eggs on the show “the whole point is for people to have fun” and he said “some people just go sit down and just want to watch a heist show and that’s awesome. I hope they’re super entertained and really enjoy it, and get something out of it.”

What happened to Leo Pap in ‘Pink’?

What fans of the show might be wondering is what exactly happens to Leo at the end of “Pink,” the episode that reveals where the characters end up six months after the heist.

In the final moments of the episode, Leo, whose Parkinson’s disease has worsened, is seen walking with a cane through a park when he is followed by a man wearing a colorful T-shirt.

The man follows Leo for a while then points a gun at him. As the screen turns pink, viewers will hear a gunshot, but Leo’s fate isn’t revealed for sure in an open ending that’s likely designed to let fans decide what they think happened to him. character.

When asked if Leo could have lived, Garcia replied ‘of course there is a possibility of surviving’ but what is important is not what happened to Leo but who was following him in those last moments .

“Here’s what I would say,” Garcia continued. “I would say go back and look at what he’s wearing, the guy following him. See if you’ve seen what he’s wearing anywhere else on the show.” He then joked, “I can just tell you, but it’s less fun, right?”

The ‘Kaleidoscope’ creator on his plans for season 2

Cast of Kaleidoscope
Paz Vega, Giancarlo Esposito, Jai Courtney and Peter Mark Kendall as Ava, Leo, Bob and Stan in “Kaleidoscope.”
David Scott Holloway/Netflix

The show creator also shared his thoughts on the show’s future, saying, “It’s an anthology show and, if we get the chance, we will. [have plans]. Netflix and we all decided to do another season anthology.

“This story stands on its own, doesn’t it? It is what it is. But, I would definitely work with these actors again. They are all phenomenal and just good people to work with, and [they] I just threw with it when I set it up in a really good way.”

When asked if the show could have a American Horror Story-future style, where the actors return to play different roles, or whether he would be interested in returning to the Season 1 characters and developing their stories further, Garcia remained coy: “It’s definitely been discussed, and I have various things that I’m fascinated by.

“I think it depends, you know, I’ve always done the things that interest me right now, like looking back at the things that I’ve done, I’ve branched out into different genres, that I read books or it’s cinema, and I think it’s just because I’m like, ‘What do I want to do today?'”

He did, however, explain that there were many ways to revisit the story in Season 1: “I think there are aspects of these characters that I love and keep in mind between ‘Violet ‘ and ‘Green’, for example, 17 years ago to play, between ‘Green’ and ‘Yellow’ 7 years ago to play.

“You could have a three-year contained story about these characters, you could keep the same characters or at the same time do different characters, you could do another heist thing, you could do an entirely different genre.

“There are different ways of Kaleidoscope the kaleidoscope, so to speak. So I don’t know, all I know is this one is very self-contained and I hope people get into it and go for it and have a good time.”

Kaleidoscope is now available on Netflix.


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