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Japan Airlines flight canceled after captain got drunk and became ‘messy’ at Dallas hotel

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A flight from Texas to Japan had to be canceled after the flight captain became drunk and “engaged in disorderly behavior” at the hotel where they and other crew members were staying, Japanese airlines said Tuesday.

The unidentified captain flew from Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Texas, on April 22. The captain’s behavior at the hotel was not specified but was described as causing “inconvenience to other guests and hotel staff.” The captain received a verbal warning from police at the request of the hotel, Japan Airlines said.

The pilot was evaluated and it was determined that the captain should not be assigned to the return flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Tokyo. The airline actually stated that the captain did not have detectable blood alcohol level at the flight’s scheduled departure time, but it was decided that the captain should not fly out of “the need to confirm the physical and mental state of our operating crew.”

This required another crew to be brought from Japan to Texas, the airline said, and the flight was canceled due to the “expected significant delay” for passengers.

Customers who had seats on the canceled flight were informed that the cancellation was due to “health issues” among the crew. Alternative flights were organized for passengers.

“We sincerely apologize to the customers involved in this flight cancellation. We are fully aware of the seriousness of this situation,” the airline said, adding that it would “thoroughly apply measures to avoid a recurrence” of the incident and would work to restore confidence in our airline.

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