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I’ve been a Hooters server for 3 years – here are 7 things I’m sick of hearing

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  • Hooters is famous for the revealing uniforms of its waiters.

  • A Hooters waitress has spoken to Insider about some of the comments she’s sick of hearing.

  • She said some customers made inappropriate, overtly sexual or racial remarks.

Hooters, which has more than 400 establishments in 42 states, offers wings, beer, and other bar-style fare, but it’s also known for the telltale uniforms of its waitresses.

According to the waiters, whom the company calls “Hooters Girls,” they are held to high standards of appearance when working. This emphasis on appearance, in addition to taking on the responsibilities of a traditional waiter, can subject some waitresses to unwelcome phrases.

A Hooters waitress, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Insider which waiters are sick of hearing at work.

“Are you on the menu?” “

Outside a Hooters restaurant.

Hooters was founded in 1983.Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / LightRocket / Getty Images

This phrase can make waitresses uncomfortable, and in some cases, they just pretend to laugh to ease the tension, according to the waiter who spoke to Insider.

“Hahaha. OK, whatever, grandpa” is her inner monologue, she said.

The waitress said they would also hear overtly sexual phrases from customers. She said she trained another waiter who frequently received triple-figure tips, and the waiter believes this was in part due to her ability to ignore rude remarks from men, especially those who had been drinking.

A Hooters spokesperson did not respond to Insider’s request to comment on the channel’s policy on sexual harassment or how it protects its employees from these situations. Earlier this year, company CEO Sal Melilli told Nation’s Restaurant News that Hooters has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment.

“Why don’t you smile? “

Telling women to smile or asking why they aren’t already smiling is seen as boring at best, but the phrase is also sexist in nature.

“You are actively working, doing something, going back and forth and someone will literally stop me and say, ‘Why don’t you smile? Smile more. Aren’t you happy to be here?’ “the waitress shared.

This is especially frustrating in a workplace, where your disposition plays a large role in your income, as many waitresses rely on tips to make money.

‘I love myself hot chocolate’

According to the waiter, customers often flirt with their waitresses, so some consider this part of the job. However, there are some statements that may contribute to a culture of fetishizing black women.

“’I love myself a kind and fiery girl,’ fetish phrases, I get them sometimes,” said the waitress, who is black.

The phrases can also turn racist depending on the clientele, depending on the waiter, such as clients saying, “I don’t want curly hair in my food.

“Wow, are the wings a lot?” “

A hand reaching out for Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Wings.Cappi Thompson / Getty Images

Hooters waitresses have played a major role in the brand’s success, but chicken wings are quite famous in their own right. However, some customers are shocked when they see how much the wings cost, despite the prices listed on the menu, the waitress said. A piece of 10 of their original wings will cost around $ 15.50.

“They act like I cheated on them,” the waitress said.

‘I’m just going to drink some water’

The waitress, who has been with the company for three years, said she can usually tell when a customer won’t leave a tip.

“I’m not saying you can’t order water, but if there’s one guy or a giant group of teenagers and they all order water, not food, I automatically know that I’m not going to get a tip, ”she said. noted.

“Hooters is a strip club”

A lot of people who have never been to a Hooters have opinions about the brand, and there are a lot of misconceptions about what goes on inside restaurants.

This waitress shared that her comments on TikTok are often filled with people saying that Hooters is a strip club or that working there is “prostitution without nudity,” she said.

sirens Girls are stupid ‘

According to the waitress, it’s very common for Hooters to be a side job for women pursuing other endeavors, but many reviewers and customers believe otherwise.

“I have a masters degree – it’s my side job,” she said. “The manager of my first store was graduating as a nurse as a Hooters Girl.”

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