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“It is no longer possible”… Who is attacking the Mazères-Cassagne rugby club, victim of burglary for the third time in a row?

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Three burglaries since January 2024, we can no longer count those from previous years… Elected officials, sports educators, Mazères Cassagne Sport volunteers are fed up.

This Wednesday, April 24, the day of the children’s training, volunteers from Mazères-Cassagne Sports and municipal employees came to open the doors of the rugby stadium facilities in Bouque de Lens, it was a direct tackle in view of the damage and vandalism committed. Door to the youth equipment room at the rugby school forced open, drinks intended for the players and kids from Wednesday afternoon training gone, outfit cupboards emptied onto the ground… And that’s not all. Under the marquee used for gatherings of young people and supporters, tables, floor, walls covered with tags and inscriptions with provocative connotations (stars of David, ACAB: anti-law enforcement slogan), bottles, vomit, etc.

The president of the MCS Sylvain Roujas, under the vandalized marquee.

“It is no longer possible”, declare together the president of the MCS Sylvain Roujas and the elected representatives of Mazere and Cassagnard. “I am disgusted, exasperated,” storms the deputy mayor of Cassagne Joëlle Gaillard. “Last week he had already had a burglary. Until now we had treated these acts with discretion with the community of brigades of Salies-du-Salat. But here the population, the players, the supporters must realize that this is no longer possible. »

Just before the big school reunion…

A few days before the children’s fair from the RPI Cassagne Marsoulas, Mazères schools where more than 100 children are expected, two weeks before the youth tournament with more than 600 registered rugby players, it is once again volunteers and municipal employees who will have to put their hands to work to restore everything and buy back what was stolen.
The Salies-du-Salat gendarmerie brigade came in the morning to observe the damage and take samples of the evidence essential to unmasking the vandals. As for the registrations and tags, players and managers remain skeptical; Should we really see a radicalization or rather the inconsistency of young people diverting provocative slogans to make themselves interesting in the eyes of adults? The results of ongoing investigations will tell us.


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