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I thought we would all have Teslas by now

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I thought we would all have Teslas by now

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After the four years of turmoil America went through under the Trump administration, I assumed that the future Democratic presidency – which holds a very slight lead in Congress – would be ready to take on the GOP, ideally believing it to be who it is. they really are (authoritarian), not what some Democrats imagine they are (potential moderates waiting for a neighbor across the aisle).

Maybe they would grow back. Maybe they would drop a few stakes for them.

Sadly, Democrats seem to be willing to take the job without wielding the power it possesses.

The Biden administration’s first year in office has been a dull, virtual milquetoast macaroni salad with way too much mayonnaise, if that mayonnaise was called “inertia.” During his tenure, Trump and his over-enthusiastic partisan regime not only drew a line in the sand; they crushed the buildings of democracy and then drew a line with what was left and then moved that line so much that there was no reason for it. Democrats have watched Trump make it clear that he has no interest in bipartisanship, but Democrats still believe some Republicans can be convinced by solid reasoning and logic to quit their beloved party and move on to the soft side. . Why do they think so, who knows, because Trump has proven that Republicans don’t even care about their self-interest as long as the adopted policy fuels their base. Trump was so cheeky in his virulent dislike of Democrats that while coronavirus deaths rose sharply, the death toll was not so staggering if you didn’t include Democratic states.

“If you eliminate the blue states,” Trump said in September 2020, “We’re at a level where I don’t think anyone in the world would be. We are really at a very low level.

“I was thinking of going into my children’s day care center and showering the child tax credit money. I figured I’d play a joke on my student loan company after my debt was cleared.

Do you know how cold-blooded you have to be to state that those who died under your watch don’t matter and shouldn’t even be included in the death toll because they didn’t voted for you, and yet some democrats you still wanna play cool? Maybe I was nearsighted because I assumed after Democrats took over the White House and Congress that we would all have Tesla as we tackled climate change directly. I was thinking of going into my children’s day care center and showering the child tax credit money. I figured I’d play a joke on my student loan company after my debt was cleared. I thought the Democrats would, at the very least, providing coronavirus aid to those still struggling during this never-ending pandemic, or, at the very least, we would all receive coronavirus tests sent home.

But it was a joke until it wasn’t.

In December, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was outraged when asked if the White House plans to reimburse people who paid for coronavirus tests because they couldn’t get appointments with testing sites.

Psaki shouted, “Should we send one to every American?”

Two weeks after Psaki’s dismissive response, the Biden administration implemented this exact strategy, though people are still waiting for their tests. But they are coming, supposedly.

The point is this: The Biden Country Trail and the Biden Oval Office are two very different beasts. Campaign Trail Biden was gangsta rap. Oval Office Biden is smooth jazz.

According to Polifact, Biden pledged to end for-profit detention centers, eliminate cash deposits, eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for criminals, decriminalize marijuana, support the study of reparations for blacks, make public colleges and universities free and guarantee seven days of paid sick leave. He also said he would increase the federal minimum wage to $ 15. And those are just a few promises made that went nowhere in Biden’s first year in office.

However, not all has been lost, as it looks like Biden has enacted a national terrorism law – wait, it’s not real law, but there is a official strategy to put more emphasis on domestic terrorism. He won bipartisan support for the economy and implemented nationwide mask mandate that he couldn’t really apply and many red states ignored.

So in total, Biden kept a huge 3% of his campaign pledges. And I can already hear you screaming on your computer screens: “Stephen, it’s only been a year! And Biden edged Trump in executive order! “Yes, Biden has issued a slew of executive orders, mostly to overturn Trump’s barrage of executive orders (consider joining the Paris climate change accord) and to tackle the coronavirus. He signed an executive order to promote the racial fairness, but that’s not what I had in mind when Dems took office.

I can not lie. I wanted Biden to come into the office and take the row. I wanted the child tax credit to become permanent. I wanted the unvaccinated and unmasked to be held accountable. I wanted a wall around Florida (well, not all of Florida. Maybe just a wall around Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.) I wanted my student loan debt canceled.

Instead, it’s time for Biden to break down his Build Back Better bill – the massive bill that was thwarted by pseudo-Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin – and push through as many policies as possible. I know this won’t be the signing move Biden was looking for in his first year in office. Yet there are too many essential pieces of legislation, including funding for universal pre-kindergarten, child tax credits, four weeks of paid vacation and affordable housing, ignore. In a very tight Senate, Manchin is the unfortunate deciding factor and he knows it. And what could be worst of all is that Biden is going to have to work with Manchin to get a version of this bill on the goal line before the halfway point or run the risk of losing valuable seats.

As Democrats walk down the aisle of their own party, Trump has had no such distractions from his hatred of Democrats. He held meetings on American politics without the Democrats; he worked more with the talent on air at Fox News than he did with the Democrats. Trump’s contempt has turned to disrespect for Democrats; he played them openly and even gave them derogatory nicknames. And I wanted something like this because I believe in the power of pettiness. I wanted Biden to take office and poke fun at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) Thirst for power. and physical attributes in equal measure. I wanted him to tell Republicans not to bother going across the aisle because they will be fighting their hands for the next four years.

I wanted Biden to subvert Michelle Obama’s iconic commitment, that instead of going high, when they go low, we’ll go lower.

Guess I just wanted Biden to stop playing nicely, take off his gloves, and get back on his feet. It is high time that Democrats stop believing that there is still common ground; There’s no. Democrats have the office now, and it’s time to start acting on it. Now if anyone in the White House can contact me, I would like to send them my Tesla changes and my bank account information for my daycare money.

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