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As a mom of fussy kids, I try to buy fun snacks and ingredients they’ll like.Megan Schutt

  • With picky eaters in the family, I’m always on the lookout for kid-friendly meals and snacks at Aldi.

  • Items like dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and alphabet cookies make mealtimes fun.

  • I love picking up Brie to serve guests and cold brew coffee for my hubby.

The chocolate chip brioche bread makes us feel like we’re eating at a high end bakery.

The writer holds a wrapped loaf of chocolate chip brioche bread

This bread satisfies all gourmets.Megan Schutt

I’ve never seen chocolate chips and brioche together before shopping at Aldi, so I always make sure to grab one from the Specially Selected brand when shopping.

I love having a loaf to go with a cup of coffee or for a sweet mid-morning snack before lunch.

The bread is $3.95 and also comes in a vanilla-brioche flavor, which I think sounds just as delicious.

Mini croissants make sandwiches more fun or are perfect as an accompaniment to a pasta dinner.

A plastic container of croissants with a white and yellow label with "bake shop"  text

These croissants make excellent rolls.Megan Schuet

My kids always ask for a roll to go with their pasta, and these mini croissants are the perfect find as they’re just the right size for their little fingers.

I also like to use them for lunchtime sandwiches to provide variety outside of regular bread or rolls throughout the week.

A pack of 12 costs $3.15.

Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad Cups are the perfect size for lunch.

Two containers of chicken salad with gray cardboard packaging holding the two together

This chicken salad from Aldi is great on its own or in a sandwich.Megan Schuet

These Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad Cups are the perfect size to pack in lunch boxes or on mini croissants for a break from deli meats.

They come in a convenient pack of four that makes them easy to pick and enjoy on their own or with bread or a croissant.

A pack of four costs $4.89. A classic recipe option is also available if you’re not a fan of cranberries and almonds.

Naan flatbread may be the best crust.

Package of naan bread in a cardboard box

My family likes to use naan as a pizza crust substitute.Megan Schutt

If you’re trying to cook for picky kids, you know how difficult it can be to cater to everyone’s tastes at dinner.

I usually buy two packages of naan flatbread and let the kids create their own pizza with whatever toppings they like. It’s quick and easy and children enjoy preparing their favorite dish.

A package of four naan flatbreads costs $4.29.

Nuts and cheese are the perfect guilt-free snack.

Containers of cheese trees and fruits and nuts in a cardboard box

Healthier, on-the-go treats are key so kids aren’t constantly begging for cookies.Megan Schuet

When my kids ask when is dinner for the 20th time, I love being able to feed them these snacks with cheese bites, nuts, and raisins while feeling guilt-free.

I saw three flavors available at Aldi: pepper-jack cheese, raisins and honey-roasted peanuts; strong yellow cheddar cheese, dried cranberries and cashews; and strong white cheddar cheese, dried cranberries and salted almonds.

These come in a three-pack for $3.19.

The price of this brie is unbeatable.

Three containers of Brie cheese in a display case at Aldi

You can enjoy this Aldi Brie on its own or cooked with jam.Megan Schutt

It is the ideal accompaniment to a large charcuterie board, accompanied by a good glass of wine. When we have guests over, I like to wrap the brie in croissant dough, bake and serve with jam.

This brie is $3.39 for a round, which might be the cheapest brie I’ve seen in any store.

Buttermilk pancake mix makes the most delicious weekend breakfasts.

Two red and yellow boxes of pancake mix in a display case

This pancake mix is ​​ideal for an easy breakfast.Megan Schuet

When I have time to make breakfast pancakes on the weekends, I grab this delicious mix.

I love that all you need for this mix is ​​water and a few minutes to combine everything. We add blueberries to make the pancakes a little sweeter and sometimes we will even incorporate chocolate chips.

A 32-ounce box of this buttermilk pancake mix costs $1.68.

Chopped garlic saves me so much time for recipes of the week.

Jars of peeled and chopped garlic in a cardboard box

I don’t always want to take the time to peel and mince the garlic for every recipe.Megan Schutt

This pot of minced garlic is a huge time saver. I always make sure to have one on hand for any recipe that calls for garlic, from mashed potatoes to homemade Alfredo sauce.

Each 1/2 teaspoon equals one clove of garlic. An 8 ounce jar of minced garlic is $2.19 and in my house lasts a very long time.

My kids love to eat foods that come in fun shapes, so these dinosaur chicken nuggets are a must.

box with "Dino Nuggets"  text and illustration of a dinosaur inside a cardboard box on a shelf

My kids love the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.Megan Schuet

This box of dinosaur chicken nuggets is huge and I will do anything to get my kids to eat it, especially when it comes to meat.

I usually put them in the air fryer so they are extra crispy on the outside.

A 48-ounce bag of nuggets is $5.99 and worth every penny for happy kids at mealtime.

This Friendly Farms yogurt is very affordable and comes in many flavors.

Red and white yogurt containers in a cardboard display stand on a gray shelf

My children eat yogurt almost every day.Megan Schuet

My kids eat at least a pot of yoghurt a day, so I love to stock up on it from Aldi.

You really can’t beat the price and we love the variety of flavors available like peach, blueberry, strawberry, and strawberry-banana.

A 6-ounce container of yogurt is only 39 cents each, and I highly recommend stocking up to have multiple flavors on hand.

This Stok Cold-Brew coffee bottle is the perfect solution for tired parents.

Two glass bottles of Stok Cold-Brew coffee with blue labels

This coffee is the perfect source of energy for parents.Megan Schuet

My husband loves having this coffee in the fridge for a real pick-me-up as we have busy schedules with the kids.

I usually buy him a bottle which he mixes with milk for an iced coffee on the go. The variety we buy is unsweetened, so he adds his own sweeteners.

A 48-ounce bottle of cold brew costs $4.78.

Season’s Choice Strawberry Banana Blend Frozen Fruit makes the most delicious smoothies.

Two packs of frozen strawberries and bananas in a cardboard box

The strawberry-banana mix is ​​one of our favorite flavor combinations.Megan Schutt

My kids and I love having smoothies as treats, but spending over $20 on store-bought ones for the whole family adds up quickly.

Season’s Choice frozen fruit bags are huge, so we can use them to make lots of smoothies. We like to add yogurt, apple juice or almond milk to make the tastiest concoction.

A 48-ounce bag costs $7.45.

Taco seasoning for 38 cents is a no-brainer.

The writer holds a yellow and red packet of taco seasoning

You can’t have taco night without this seasoning.Megan Schuet

There aren’t many things you can buy for less than 50 cents these days, but I’m happy to say Aldi’s taco seasoning is one of them.

When we have Taco Tuesday, we use Casa Mamita’s seasoning to make our ground beef or turkey even more delicious. We usually add diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, and sour cream for the perfect taco night.

At just 38 cents each for a 1-ounce packet, you might as well stock up on Taco Tuesday for the rest of the month.

A gyro kit is an easy dinner to make with virtually no cleanup.

A gray box with an illustration of a gyroscope on it with "Gyro"  text

Aldi’s Bremer Gyro Kit is excellent value for money.Megan Schuet

If you’re like me, you’re always looking to change the weekly dinner menu. Luckily, this gyro sandwich kit has everything you need for a delicious meal.

The kit comes with gyro meat slices, tzatziki sauce, and pita bread that you can easily make on a skillet or in the microwave for super easy cleanup. Pitas literally look like a cloud when you warm them up.

This kit costs $10.99 and makes five filler gyros.

Benton’s alphabet cookies are fun to eat.

A display of four blue boxes with owl illustration and "Mini Alphabet Cookies"  text

These cookies are tasty and fun.Megan Schuet

If you have a little one in your house, Benton’s Mini Alphabet Cookies will be so much fun for snack time as they try to spell their own words.

I love that they come in snack form that kids can easily take to school as a nut-free option to share with their class.

There are 12 individual bags in each $3.25 box.

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