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“Here it all begins” from Tuesday November 21, 2023: Jim pretended to be Gaspard Meyrin confided to Pénélope (Advanced summary episode 800 + Video)

“Here it all begins” in advance with the detailed summary of episode 800 of Tuesday November 21, 2023 – In this new episode of ITC broadcast Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1, Carla faces a terrible disappointment and Joachim confides in Pénélope.

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“Here it all begins” Summary in advance of the episode of Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Ethan no longer knows how to behave with Leonard

In the locker room, Maya tells Ethan that she is relieved that they were able to speak with Leonard yesterday. She then admits that she was stupid towards Leonard. She was afraid that he would try something with Ethan even though she completely trusted him. Ethan tries to reassure her. He is certain that everything will work out between them. Then, he begins a striptease in front of his girlfriend when Leonard shows up. Embarrassed, Ethan rushes to get dressed and leaves the locker room. Leonard, upset, makes a comment to Maya, which plunges her into further embarrassment. In the kitchen, Maya makes Ethan aware that his reaction in the locker room was inappropriate, bordering on homophobic. Ethan is quick to apologize to Leonard. He insists that he was sincere yesterday and then assures her that the fact that he has feelings towards her doesn’t change anything between them.

Hortense gives an 18/20 to the pairs of Maya/Léonard and Billie/Ethan for their cosmopolitan dishes. After class, the trio of friends meet in the park to celebrate their results. But Ethan alludes to his intimate life with Maya in front of Leonard. Embarrassed, the latter quickly disappears.

Joachim confides in Pénélope

Marc meets Clotilde who confides to him that she does not know if she is going to lead the module on culinary hybridization for the Master’s degree. She spoke to Emmanuel and she saw clearly that he was not convinced. Marc recognizes that Teyssier is not sure that she can manage this module, but he is certain of the opposite. He then emphasizes that Teyssier is not the only one to decide. But Clotilde recognizes that Emmanuel is not entirely wrong. She knows full well that she is not the most creative teacher on the team. Marc does not agree with her. He thinks she has great potential and that she underestimates him.

Marc brings Emmanuel to the studio. He makes her believe that he trained on the hybridization module and asks for her opinion on a recipe. Emmanuel finds the dish elegant, quite fine and creative. Clotilde arrives at the same time and admits that it is his dish. Pushed against the wall, Emmanuel accepts that she leads the module. Clotilde celebrates the excellent news a little later with Joachim. She explains to him that Marc re-motivated her and then tells him how they managed to change Emmanuel’s mind. She immediately receives a text from Rose. Clotilde must go and join her. Joachim has noticed that Clotilde has been preoccupied lately and asks her if she is worried because of her sister. Clotilde confirms this to him and explains that she cannot tell him more at the moment.

Penelope meets Joachim in the park. He is in a bad mood. Penelope pushes him to confide. Joachim admits to him that he is jealous of the relationship between Clotilde and Marc. He explains to Penelope that they are very close and that they cook together. Joachim fears that the fact that he does not share the same passion as his partner will end up distancing them from each other. Penelope tells him in return that her relationship is in trouble. As she leaves, the pretty thirty-year-old glances at Joachim and clearly, he does not leave her indifferent.

Rose wants to reveal everything to Carla

Rose contacted the laboratory. They confirmed the results. Carla is indeed his biological daughter. Clotilde apologizes for not believing her right away. She finds it monstrous that Raphaël abandoned their baby and made Rose believe he was dead. But Rose doesn’t want to talk about Raphaël at all, she wants to concentrate on her daughter. Moved, she confides to Antoine and Clotilde that she is afraid that they will wake her up and tell her that she imagined everything. Clotilde reassures her, all this is very real.

A little later, Rose goes looking for Carla, but she is nowhere to be found. Worried, she asks Bérénice if she knows where she is. The first year student explains to her that she had an appointment at the local café with Gabriel Meyrin, the man who supposedly dropped her off as a baby at the ASE. The master’s director asks Bérénice to send a message to Carla to tell her to be careful. Bérénice explains to him that she sent messages to Carla this morning and that they went unanswered. Rose rushes to the café. When she arrives there, Carla is alone and she is terribly disappointed. Gabriel Meyrin did not come and he no longer responds to his messages. Rose is sorry that she was tricked like that. Carla confides to him that she thought this man was perhaps her father. Rose places her hand on his shoulder as a sign of affection. Carla takes a step back. She gets up and leaves the cafe almost running. Back at the Institute, Rose confides to Antoine that she is afraid of having rushed Carla without meaning to. Antoine tries to reassure her. Rose then confides to him that she is afraid of telling Carla everything. She doesn’t know how she will react when she tells him that she is his mother and that she killed his father. Rose fears that Carla will reject her. Antoine doesn’t think this will be the case. Rose hugs him and thanks him for his support.

During Thomas’ class, Carla sends a text message to Gaspard Meyrin to tell him what she thinks of him. A second later, Jim receives a notification on his cell phone. Intrigued, Carla sends a message back to Meyrin and Jim receives a new notification. She realizes that Jim pretended to be Gaspard Meyrin. Carla is in shock. Jim admits to her that he wanted revenge for the time she trapped him. Souleymane joins the conversation and asks Jim if he knows that Meyrin could have been his biological father. Jim ignored him and he tries to apologize. But Souleymane warns him not to approach Carla. Tempers flare and they come to blows. Thomas sends them to the principal’s office. Antoine gives them a soap. Jim assures him that he would never have made this joke to Carla if he had known that Gaspard Meyrin could be her biological father. But for Antoine, that changes nothing. He points out that he usurped someone’s identity and manipulated the young woman. Jim intends to apologize to Carla and promises Antoine that it won’t happen again. Antoine informs them that they will both be punished. After Jim leaves, he lectures his son. Then, he advises Souleymane to support Carla by simply staying close to her because she will need to be surrounded. Antoine then confides to his son that Gaspard Meyrin is the name of a character in a novel by Raphaël, Rose’s ex. He then tells her that Carla is their daughter. For her part, Rose goes to meet Carla in the cafeteria. She is ready to reveal everything to him. Rose tells Carla that she finds her very courageous for wanting to keep her baby and to go in search of its origins. But Carla thinks that it wasn’t a good idea to look for her biological parents and that meeting them won’t do her any good. She also believes that she does not need them in her life. Rose is about to tell her everything when Carla mentions the fact that she needs to take it easy and avoid stress for her baby. She now wants to focus solely on her pregnancy. Rose blames the blow.

Excerpt Here it all begins from Tuesday November 21, 2023

Find “Here it all begins” from Monday to Friday at 6:30 p.m. on TF1, just before “Tomorrow belongs to us”, and in replay on MYTF1.

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