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GREG GUTFELD: Affirmative Action in Colleges Advances More Unqualified People Than Last Name ‘Biden’

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Yeah. Don’t stop, never stop, never leave me. So happy Wednesday everyone. Do not adjust the TV. I’ve just gotten prettier since you saw me on “The Five” a few hours ago. If this continues, I’m going to change the name of this show to “The Ten”. I don’t need these people.


Tonight I want to talk about something that may not be on your radar, but soon will be, affirmative action. It’s true. In college admissions, which advanced more unqualified people than the Biden surname. On Monday, the Supreme Court heard two cases challenging race-centric policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard, or as I call them, my security schools. The UNC case argues that using race in admissions violates the Civil Rights Act and the Constitution, or what the Dems call “that paper puzzle.” Harvard is accused of discriminating against Asian students, that’s right, Harvard. You know the school that produced Joy Reid, Liz Warren, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, who all like to call other people racists.

They’re more obsessed with color than a bomb technician cutting red and blue wires. I’m so glad you got it, I was going to cut it. But while the left likes to stand up for all minorities against perceived racism, with Asians, they don’t care. I spell it, PHUK The Asian way, thank you, thank you. I’m culturally appropriate, but that’s because Asians are filling places at major colleges in greater numbers than their percentage of the general population. It is therefore a great message for young people today. Work hard and make sacrifices, and one day you too can be moved to the back of the line. But that’s how punitive ideologies work. Those who stand up get crushed in the name of fairness.

It is no longer about equal opportunities, but about ensuring that everyone sucks at the same level. But if you want that kind of mediocrity, skip college and join the live audience of “The View.” The pleadings between the lawyers of the two parties and the judges lasted nearly 6 hours. But if something done orally takes that long, they must be doing it wrong. What was that? What’s wrong with me? Repugnant. 6 am, we now stop to watch everything.


I guess we loaded the wrong tape. At least they didn’t upload that other tape labeled oral. In any event. I’ll fire that person later. I pay for it by doing it in front of their children. Now experts believe the court will eventually ban the practice. Liberal justices, however, oppose it, saying “you can’t have diversity without it.” Now, that would make sense decades ago, when Sandra Day O’Connor once pointed out that affirmative action was a “temporary” remedy, something you need until you have it. Not needed anymore. Like crutches for a sprained ankle, training wheels on a bike, or that topical cream recommended by Larry Kudlow. We still have a half pipe, if anyone is interested, Tyrus.


But the problem with leftists, they never believe anything is temporary unless it’s a statue, the Bill of Rights, or a fetus. But everything, therefore, that always remains, even if they become amnesiac when asked which party defended slavery and founded the KKK. Meanwhile, the majority of the court questions the legal reasons for the affirmative action. And when Harvard lawyers tried to downplay the use of race in admissions, Chief Justice Roberts said the obvious, “schools that ask kids to check a box for their race, that must have a impact on admissions decisions, otherwise it would not be included.” You know, nobody adds a box if they don’t want you to use it. Believe me, I spent four years in a box under Cavuto’s bed. Either way, but Roberts could have just said, “lawyers, I have two words for you, Liz Warren, or one word Pocahontas.” After all, she’s the white lady who pretended to be Indian to get into Harvard. Yeah, Liz Warren or as her tribal elders call her, “Dancing with the Mayonnaise.”

People rally in support of affirmative action in college admissions as arguments begin on the cases in the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill Monday, October 31, 2022 in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Plus, if white privilege is such a big deal, why do a third of white students pretend they’re not white when they apply to college? They tick the other boxes with labels like mixed, indigenous or Rachel Dolezal. So even they realize it’s better to be non-white than white, and when you have that kind of institutional racism, you don’t need affirmative action anymore. It’s like a sprinter pretending to limp so he can park in handicapped spaces. Now the conservative judges have noted that they would be willing to allow students to discuss their race in their applications, but in essay form. And that’s what I did to get into Berkeley. I told them how I had been raised by a black family. Which was pretty true, after watching every episode of The Jeffersons, I love them. Of course, the left was not thrilled.


MSNB: This Supreme Court has no problem setting precedents and ruling in a truly partisan political way.

MSNB: If they say race can’t even be considered there, then they’ll say it shouldn’t be considered in the private sector.

MSNB: The six conservative Supreme Court justices will let them because they don’t think diversity matters.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: The people who have benefited the most from affirmative action are white women…Affirmative action works for all of us who weren’t allowed to go to the institutions where we thought we could do our best .

GREG GUTFELD: Affirmative Action in Colleges Advances More Unqualified People Than Last Name ‘Biden’

Protesters called for an end to discrimination based on race at the ‘Equal Education Rights for All’ rally.
(Digital Fox News)


Well, get used to all that, because the left is going to push this idea that the court getting rid of affirmative action would set the country back. Well, the way it’s going now, how can that be a bad idea? I say take it back to January 2017, that’s when 45 were sworn in.

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